Removing old stripe....advice?

Ok so I have had my car for over a year and when I bought it had this boss style stripe on it.... I have hated it since the day I got the car! Anyways im guessing it has been on their for at least 4 years probably the life of the car tho (2003) I began to remove it last summer but after I got 2 of the very small stripes off of the hood you can still some what see where they were at. Not all the time only in the right light/angle its not bad but I deffinately do not want to be able to see where the whole thing was at. On top of all of this it is so wore on the hood it looks like it is breaking up I know this is gonna be a huge pita but I want it gone it ruins the clean look of my stang. So the question is what are my options is their a guide with steps that I can use to remove this? Clay bar wet sanding etc. Any help would be so appreciated guys....super lost on this one lol. Their is a picture of the car attached just to see what im dealing with


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I have removed various stripes and bumper letters and stuff because I like a clean look. I just carefully peel it off with my fingernail and fingers. I use a blow dryer if needed to soften it a bit. And I use WD-40 to remove any adhesive residue. Then I apply a good coat of wax. Your biggest risk will be uneven paint due to sun fading, hope that is not the case.

Oh and your car is going to look 1000% better even if there is some fading those graphics are horrible.
That must be the case because I can tell the difference as if the paint is a little brighter/duller underneath not bad at all but will bug me....What our my options? wet sanding buffing? And yes I agree it will look much better I dont think my car looks horrible tho lol but ya I agree 100 percent better
i recently removed decals on my car. from what I can tell they were on it for a considerable amount of time. the paint is darker where the decal was and it is noticeable. you might want to consider leaving it alone.

i would expect the contrasting paint to be most noticeable on the doors since the sun doesnt shine on that area like it does on a hood. thats where my decals were. fortunately the drivers side of the car needed to be repainted so I only have to deal with the passenger side and a ghosting effect from the decal
Heat gun (not blowdryer) with the bar. If you haven't done something like this before or don't feel comfortable, i would take it to a pro so you don't mess up your paint if I were you.

Glad your doing that. Will look A Lot better
Pulled all off of the drivers side door and fender and all 6 little stripes on the hood... The hood is ridiculously bad. Im guessing this stripe has been on their since late in 02 early 03 one on the door pulled right off fender was a pita as well. Just the few stripes on the hood took me damn near 2 hours and wasnt even the worst wore part. The big part is gonna be a super bitch... But it will be worth it im gonna break it down real good with the buffer and then polish then wax to be sure to get rid of any fade. Hood a may possibly have to wet sand then polish not sure but I dont want to be able to tell at all. Just the one side looks so much cleaner tho especially with the new springs. I have been putting this off for a year lol