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they will fit if you buy 1" spacers...I just put the Mach I wheels on my 68 and used 1" spacers, they fit great, but I used 255/40-17 on the rear and 225/45-17 on the front...
Here's a pic of my 70 with 18" bullits. Check out my garage if you want to see more pics.

I don't hear any laughing... So you're good... :D

If you ask nicely and have a shot of your car from the side, there are some pretty talented people on here who can photochop those wheels onto your car. :nice: just keep moving forward on your project.

If someone could photoshop it i would be eternally greatful <3. And what do people think about those, cause aparantly alot of vintage mustang people like HATE rims, so i was just wondering the general opinoin on that