Running hot or not?


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May 15, 2005
I have a 347 stroker with about 1500 miles on it. I have about 425HP at the fly naturally aspirated. i know the car should probably run a little warmer than b4 i built the motor. Also I'm thinking that the motor is still being loosened up and maybe it will cool a little better once it is completely broken in. My car runs about 195-210 depending on how hot it is outside. We have not had a day over 90 degrees and I'm afraid as to what will happen when it hits 100 degrees outside. If i have the a/c on it seems to run about 210 degress weather I'm going down the interstate or sitting still. I recently traded in my Black Magic fan for the newer Black Magic Extreme which has a larger shroud 21 1/2 inches compared to the 16" on the older standard black magic and pulls more cfm. It now pulls 3300 cfm compared to the 2800 of the standard black magic fan. Since I probably cracked my old iron heads while sitting in traffic with the underdrives in 100 degree temps(before i got my first black magic fan), i'd have to say that i am a little gunshy of the whole temp thing. I put in an autometer gauge so i could get abetter reading on the actual temp. i have checked the temp of the water exiting the thermostat housing out of the motor and it is around 205 degrees sitting still. The water exiting the radiator going back into the motor is about 176 degrees. I feel that the 3 core aluminum radiator is doing its thing. I also have a transmission coolor in front of the condensor that may be adding some heat. Can anyone make some useful suggestions? I have thought of an additional fan in front of either the condensor or even in front of the trans cooler to help push some cooler air through. I have also ordered a Cobra grille insert to help get in some air while going down the road. Does the insert help at all or was that a waste of 70 bucks. Actually it will look good either way. What does anyone think of a hood such as a Cobra hood with some scoops and maybe a 2- 2 1/2 inch cowl to help hot air exit thru the back of the hood? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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"How long does it take to get help in here?
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Nov 29, 1999
i take it you are running hot only while stationary? as said, knowing what stat rating you have as well as the temp thresholds for the fan on and off temps would help (not that much though).

I am not a huge fan of some aftermarket fans. honestly, i would get a Mark 8 or Viper fan (150 bucks or so new, for both) and know for sure you have enough air being pulled through each coil.

FWIW, i would not install a pusher fan - it will impede the air flow when it is not in use. not good. they are not as efficient either.

if this only happens while stationary though, with the nice numbers you are putting up, i think the fan *might* want to be addressed (if that sounds good to you and corresponds to other data you have observed and know).

on the trans cooler, you could relocate it elsewhere (to remove its heat transfer from being tossed through the coils). I would make a custom air dam for it and probably install a fan on it, since you wont have the stock fan pulling air though it.

good luck with it.