Scarlet Rose Fckery.......

Is driving with your heel off the floor normal ? Driving with just your tip toes ?

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just let me do it
Jul 18, 2021
I've wanted one since high school... and after watching my old man have his fair share of stangs in the last 12 years and a whole lot of years since high school... I finally have one to call my own thanks to him!
I'm in love❤

Day 1: Cleaning
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Do you offer car care lessons? I have family members that will listen to an outside expert closer than to me. Please send cost per lesson or hourly rates. Thanks.
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Sure, you just 'happen' to wear a dress. Yeah, ooook.
Props for the seat cleaning, they look good.
fuel tank all spiffed up and ready to go in, you think he'll fall for the 'oops, I wore a dress' routine when the tank goes back in?
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Make sure and put all the plastic back that surrounds that fuel tank, First job I did working for Ford was a Pinto gas tank recall. That was it, pull the tank. Put a bunch of plastic shields surrounding the tank and reinstall. You will be safe
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I'm glad this car doesn't have any rust underneath. Also a plus that it's got a well positioned Flowmaster exhaust.

We'll see what this tank looks like inside when I get off of work.

Maybe we'll get a running clip later.
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