Scarlet Rose Fckery.......

Is driving with your heel off the floor normal ? Driving with just your tip toes ?

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So I did some work today! I was prepared but... no pics from me under the car because he was under there too... I really don't know :poo:... but I'm learnin' today


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Well... You have good guidance. Get all the nuisance PITA crap outtah the way first.

How many engine fluid leaks you got? Have you counted? :D

Edit: PS: The tank looks really clean inside. Nice!
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She's on vacation today and has advised me not to touch her car while she's gone. Well....not to touch it unless I'm polishing it or sanding the door window frames.

When she gets back we'll get it in the garage and start the fun work.

This is how I picture Scarlet Rose ( Mermaids are her thing )


She probably has a more bad arse picture in mind.
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What y'all can't see are all the mustang parts in all those crates and boxes everywhere....2 engine....lots of other stuff tucked away. Our ( wannabe ) 2 car garage has a huge section removed for the stairs. The cars will only have about 2 ft between them. She says shes fine leaving her car outside but I know her and that ain't true. :rolleyes:
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That car is coming along nice, and a four eye. I don't know how much you paid, but your on your way to a nice fox, Love the rear window cover.

She ain't pay nuffin' but my pockets are feeling a little lighter. Just a gift from me to her for putting up with my crap since 2009. :doh:
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Very nice the way she works on it. With lots of skin in the game she will appreciate that fox. She is going to be looking cool gassing up. You don't see that every day.
It means a lot!!! I'm glad to have his mean arse to help me out;)! He's known I've wanted one for a while and she's perfect. Never thought I'd put in so much work:oops:
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