SCT2 question


New Member
Apr 1, 2005
SC, Greer
Last week I have installed the JLT CAI with the SCT2 package. The shop the run the dyno actually installed the whole thing. I do can feel the difference but my question is if I could check or verify if they have upload the 93 tune? or can I re-load the tune again without causing any problem to the car's computer?

I ask this, because i was not really happy with the dyno they run. Basically, they gave me the before and after numbers of HP/TWQ and they told me the JLT tune was very good and they did not need to check for air and fuel mixture. By the way, the numbers were 18 hp and 22 twq, which I thought it was below for my expectation. I heard most people getting an average of 25 hp and 28 to 30 of twq for 93octane tune.
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