Some parts


Sep 29, 2003
Asheboro, NC
Heres some parts that I've accumulated for the h/c swap.



And heres a shift knob I cnc'd a while back, for kicks (testing my new digi camera.)


Hoping the car will be done by summertime. I've got a few bolts n stuff from ed c on the way, and then I'm going to order the cam, rockers and a few other items from him. I also want to say he is a real good guy to deal with, and knows his stuff. Very honest, prompt on shipping, and took the time to wrap my lifters up.


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Where'd you get the heads?

I've heard great things about Ed Curtis. I may have to get in contact with him.

Bought them used off corral forums. Low miles, car was lost when it was smacked in the rear.

So far my dealings with ed has been great, I highly reccommend him. He's given me quality parts so far, and has stayed in contact with me while I slowly order parts from him, and keeps me informed. I haven't ran any of his parts yet so I won't say that they run great, but based on previous readings and my experience through e-mail and receiving parts their gonna be some good stuff. I can't wait to get my cam and other things from him.