Someone Please Help Me!!!!


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Sep 28, 2003
Indianapolis, IN
About a week ago or so, my car began to make weird noises coming from the front left part of the car. (right in front of driver) So i asked around and initally i thought it was the power steering pump going out.....

But now, the sound turned from a groaning into a crunching sound almost. And im pretty sure its not the pump because tonight i was pushin down on the front left fender and i could hear the crunching sound. (car/engine was off)

So what could it be? Tie Rod? I have no clue....

If anyone does have any ideas....please tell me how hard of a drive way fix it will be.


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SO before i ask anymore questions, let it be known i dont know anything about suspension......

SO when people lower there car, do they replace the struts?(maybe an excuse to lower the car) Can i replace a strut? Is it very hard to do?

What tools are needed?

my car was doing the same thing up and down movement and when i would turn the wheel.. it was my lower ball joint. outer tierod ends will do the same thing I didnt replace it yet I just poked a small hole in the boot with a pick and sprayed some lube in it. I plan on doing lowering springs this summer so I will replace it than lubeing it is just temp....