Sorry if I had came off on the wrong foot.

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Sep 28, 2009
I never had a Mod motor before and I never really studied up on them so that is why I ask so many questions. No I do not have an 05, I came so close to picking one up, but the same dealer had the 03 and I couldnt refuse on the price. I hope we can start over because you guys seem very knowledgeable! :)
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Why are you apologizing, saying that you don't know that much about these cars goes w/o saying for all of us, stand your ground, we all are still learning, if we weren't we all would own racing teams and start car brands, ask as many questions about anything you want, its your right. If we can't help you ask a honest mechanic. This place is a mild convience. Welcome!!
Its all good man, Im new here too... but you gotta learn how to roll with the punches. in one of your other threads you got offended by another member and you told him that you have built cars that will smoke his 750hp faleen. cant do that and then expect people to help you, or expect people to not call you out on the challenge. just take a chill pill and dont take so personal its just a mustang forum and at the end of the day what somone says to you on the internet shouldnt even matter. good luck with that GT
no we can't start over

your a tool

It's "you're". If you're going to insult someone, please use proper grammar.

and ide like to see those three killer foxbodys you have with proof their yours. cause i dont really believe chit you say.

I can't read the **** you say. I'd like proof that you're not currently drooling on your keyboard or licking a window somewhere.


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Why does this feel like a day care center full of 2 year olds? Seriously, grow up. Does it really matter what the badge on the back of the car says? I think we can still have a meaningful technical discussion about cars that don't say 'mustang'. Better yet, you can learn something from these other cars.
Not open for further replies.