Staggered Cobra 17x9, 17x10.5


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Aug 8, 2007
Lancaster, PA
I have a set of staggered cobra wheels I want to put on my 91 vert. I flipped my quads around to gain more clearance. The tires are 315 35 17 on the back. I threw them up on the car to see what was going to need modified. The exhaust might need to move a tiny bit and it looks like the fender needs rolled. Here is the pic I took.

I did not tighten up the lug nuts but it looks like everything else will clear. Anybody have experience with rolling fenders on these cars. I have heard bad things can happen if not done properly.
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Here is the pic again, don't know why it didn't show up

You can try to roll the inner lip, but to me it looks like that ain't gonna matter much. The tire will hit the quarter every hard bump and twisted incline you drive through. Additionally, the front inner tub should be crashing into the tire as soon as you do tighten the wheel, not to mention the tail pipe that will no longer clear.

But,.......Que sera, sera.

People use a baseball bat and use the tire as a backer to roll the lip. Pretty self explanatory, you just raise the car ( or lower the rear if its on stands still,) enough to get the bat in between the two, then gradually roll along its circumference until you get the amount of fold you are looking for.
I think once the wheel is tightened up it will be close to fitting in the fender. I did not look at the front of the tub.. Guess I better do that before I start rolling the quarter lip. The 17x9's fit without any modification. If I can't get the 17x10.5's to fit I have a set of 18x9's I could use on the back, or buy 2 new wheels I guess. Any body ever use a 17 on front and 18 on back?
But it's doable... Quad shock? Or normal shock? Did you have to roll your fenders?
Its doable but it takes a lot of pounding and rolling. Quad shocks will have to go. I also had to re weld my exhaust to fit. Eventually I went with hubcentric spacers to finally cure all of my rubbing.
I do not think a wheel spacer is the answer in my case. Maybe my wheels have different backspacing. I am going to take a closer look this afternoon. So I will take a look at the inner fender wells
Ok, 17x10.5 is gonna be a pain in the ass.. Plus still going to need to modify the wheels for the front.. They do not seat also.. Even with the center caps out there isn't enough clearance. The hub could be machined to help but I don't know for sure that would even work. So I was thinking about taking my weld skinnys and having them painted to match the rear wheels, and just run them on the front. I had this idea 2 weeks ago even before I didn't know these wheels wouldn't fit.