Suspension Steering column help - can this be fixed??

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I finally caught up to that 86 column, it appears that it will work but for me I would swap the entire column, let me see if it is possible to remove the tilt collar as an assembly because it will not be easy to remove/replace just the broken piece, also looks like your missing the heavy spring,
Thank you again, let me know what you come up with... I am striking out with the junkyards :-(
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This is where I'm at now, the hard part :doh:

the pins are btch.
I used to use a deep socket and a old bolt. Glad you got them out. It wasn't too bad now was it ?
Well, the hard part was finding a bolt/stud that fit into the bushing and hefty enough to take the pressure to pull the bushing out, a couple of nuts, some washers and it pulled out.
Now I am going to compare these parts to the 87 up tilt columns.
One thing I didn't try that I wish I had was to try to pull the tilt assembly off the tube with the steering shaft rather than separate the upper and lower collar.
I played around today, what I found was the tilt mechanism and steering shaft can be removed from the tube as an assembly, and the tilt mechanism is, as far as I can tell, the same between the 86 and 88 column so they all must be the same between 79 to what 89? Whenever they started the air bag model. I even swapped the tilt mechanism with the shaft still attached into the 86 tube. The multifunction switch from the 86 swaps to the 88 tilt assembly, as far as I can tell the only difference is the 86 shaft has the nut to hold the steering wheel and the later one has a bolt. Have not looked to see what steering wheel swaps but this is a information score. :banana:
I think.
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Well, get it together?????
you know, inquiring minds and all :jester:
Oh, I want to for sure! My garage was not ready to house a car and work on it at the same time. I have been turning it back into a garage since I bought the car. I am almost done, literally days away from walking in and working on the car.. I will go on record stating "I will be able to start this Saturday" you can hold me to it.. Of course, I will take pics and keep the post updated.. I am going to have ALOT OF QUESTIONS on this car once I get started :)
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Hi Folks, remember me?? LOL.... OK so short story I had a mustang paperweight for 1 week shy of 8 months. Finally I have a title and actually own the car.. now to start working on it.... no crying over a waste of 8 months so here we go, just put it in the air today and going to get this party started.
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Ok, so wow REALLY broken.... Very glad I waited to take any trips with this steering the way it is (well earlier that is... ;-) ) Had to replace the whole assembly. this is as far as I got so far. Happy to be working on it though..:)
Top image is after I took the band clip off. Here you can see just how broken the entire assembly is.
Second image is the ignition that I swapped it over too and put back on the column. It really wasn't too bad to do. The only issue is now the key won't go to the "removal" position. I took some video but, working by yourself it was a bit difficult will post them when I figure out how. Tomorrow is the tilt steering piece of the puzzle.
Swap_Key Switch.jpg
The original has a longer "slide" for lack of proper knowledge of name, but the position seems to be the same. not sure if this has anything to do with the key not going to the removal position.
Swap_Key Switch1.jpg
if you have it back together and the only problem is the key will not go into the accessory position
You need to first just make sure you are pushing the button?
Then re clock the rack and the little gear in there that is attached to the ignition switch actuator
When you take the key switch out look in the hole, you'll see a set of gear teeth, just a few teeth, one part comes out and if you move it one tooth forward the key switch will turn back farther to accessory, it's kinda trial and error,
give me a better shot of that part that you said is too long.
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