stupid q's on intakes


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Nov 19, 2006
cranston ri
i wanna put a upper and lower intake on my car. the car is a 90 notch, but has a 92't-bird engine (5.0) which i believe is the same as the sn's. to put a high flow intake on the car (ssi,edelbrock,cobra..exc.) what else would have to be upgraded? tb? injectors? would i need a custom tune? im used to carbs so please forgive me.

i also have a chance to get 351w heads, bigger valves, upgraded springs, hardened pushrods, a f-cam and an e-cam for a good price. what would i need to upgrade to put these on? thanks very much for any help.
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1) The 'Bird engine has a milder cam, smaller manifold ports and smaller intake parts(TB's and such). Not necessarily the same as our GT's. You'll need one of those two cams.

2) Use Mustang (or aftermarket) TB's and stuff. The 'Bird ones are NOT performance parts.

3) What year 351w heads? After 1976 they are the same as the 302 ones...sucky! Unless they have been ported, they are no better than the 'Bird heads.
Depending on what you'll pay for those parts, you may be better off getting some GT40's from an Explorer, or aftermarket heads. I hope this helps.
you've covered most of the stuff you need (TB, injectors, tune) besides heads or intake. do a search for "h/c/i" and you'll get tons of information on what you will need. good luck!

what is required to do a tune? what would i need/ how hard/expensive? is the bird computer the same as the sn-95?

i just asked late 60's early 70's for the heads.. plus work has been done.
right. but to go with the intake i would want a new tb.. then the mass air wouldnt work. then ill prolly go with heads and a cam. that would cause the fuel system to be underpowered. my best bet would be to save up, and d it all at the same time i guess.
I've always thought like this, "if you want to go fast, build the motor..." Heads, Cam and Intake will wake your car up. I would do the heads/cam first then "work your way out". Not meaning do it all at once, but by doing the head/cam first you won't have to take off other installed parts TB, Intake Manifold etc. to do the heads/cam. Just like when you take something apart if you do the hardest part first, everything else seems easier...just my $0.02