Suggestions on mods please


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Jun 18, 2004
Pt. Neches, TX
Ok.. Since I'm posting more on this forum, I guess I should introduce myself.
I've owned Nissans just about since I was able to drive and know my way around their engines very well. Now I've got my new 'pet project', a 1995 GT convertable that is fully stock (for now).

My question is I'm wanting to do one of the following mods to the car and wanted some suggestions:
1) Aftermarket exhaust pipes (great sound)

2) Replace the stock gears with 3.73 gears

3) Since it is automatic, add in a performance shift kit to 'tighten' the shifts in hard driving situations and off-the-line starts

4) Add the aftermarket intake filter and/or intake manifold kit

As I'm strapped for cash, I'm looking for the best mod that wouldn't cost me too much yet would produce results I could really see. Any suggestions would be appreciated... :hail2: :hail2:
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SN95StangMan said:
Pullies are a cheap mod. Less than 100 bucks and you can actually feel some free'd up HP. :banana:

Are you talking about removing the smog pump and putting in the replacement pulley? Or are you talking about replacing ALL the stock pullies? How can that drastically increase hp?? :scratch: Excuse me but I went blank there.... :shrug:
Heads and cam where the best mods I ever did, but thats probably out of your price range. Other then that, here's the 4 best mods I did to my car.

1. Gears
2. Underdrive pulleys
3. Upper/lower intake
4. Off-road H-pipe
Deff do pullies and exhuast. The exhuast wont add much HP but it will help once you do other mods. Dosent matter how much HP you make if it cant make its way out of the exhuast system. Go w/ stright through design mufflers when you do buy exhuast though...Magnaflow or Dynomax.