Supercharged 5.4 dohc running EDIS and Microsquirt kicking back (backfiring) on startup


New Member
Sep 25, 2020
Daytona Beach
Looking for a little advice, I am building a 5.4 DOHC mod motor with a 6-71 supercharger. I am using an EDIS 8 setup with a Microsquirt configured for control of ignition and EFI. I am just getting this combo running and solving some problems. The first is a backfire issue when first starting, the setup right now is basic configuration of the Microsquirt so I am assuming the timing displayed in the Tunerstudio of 10 degrees BTDC is accurate. It is acting like that 10 degrees is too much advance and is firing too early, I know this value can be adjusted using the software but I wanted to get some feedback before making any changes. Roots superchargers do not like backfire so I need to solve this issue before I move on.
I do have a video of the backfiring if that will help. Once it starts it seems to run fine.
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