Supercharger efficiency ques.

I don't know if I'm posting in the right area...but,

Take two identical GT's, same gearing, break-in, and same everything, and you put let's say a whipple in one of them. Take them to an interstate with a full tank, and run them both steady @ about 70-75 mph for about 30 miles, do they use the same amount of gas?

Someone told me that w/ those conditions, the supercharger actually is more efficient. Is that true?

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Fuel efficiency has increased for me. I have a Vortech S-Trim centrifugal style supercharger. I get better gas mileage especially in places where I can put the cruise control on.
I barely press the accelerator when driving around town and only romp on it either when I want or need too. My 06 vert is a dailydriver at 39,000 miles.
with a centrifugal super charger, your not hitting boost untill maybe 2200 rpm. I personally have a procharger tuned by Jim Sr. himself from JDM engineering and get 25+ doing about 60 on the highway. Cant speak for twin screw or roots but im sure its less cause your constantly throwing boost in your motor