Engine Surging idle issues

That depends on how/why the smoke got in there
didn't plug off the tb to oil fill tube: yes smoke will enter the crankcase-normal
Intake manifold gasket leaking: yes smoke can enter the crankcase-not normal
But wouldn’t smoke enter the heads anyway regardless of the oil fill tube since the smoke goes through the manifold through the lower intake into the heads? Or am I missing something
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The only connections between the crankcase and the intake trac is the PVC and the tube between the oil fill and throttle body
coolant leaks, sometimes but mostly no.
Sounds good so I’ll try another smoke test and this time I’ll plug that tube. I did a koeo test and everything came back normal and then I did a koer test and everything came back normal aside from the codes 94/44 that I get but from what I’ve read as long as you don’t have the stock h pipe with cats you don’t have to worry about this code? I have catless long tubes so I think I’m good. I also did a cylinder balance test for the first time and it came back normal. Do you know if it’s normal for the egr to leak a little smoke during a smoke test? I’ve had two in a row leak smoke and I’ve seen lots of others in forums go through the same thing where they replace their egrs and the new ones leak the same.