T/b, Maf, Cai - Wtf ?!#

ok - i know plenty about cars for my age; how they work, what makes them faster, how to make them faster, blahblahblah. but when it comes to specfiics, i come up short. im planning on putting the Holley Systemax HCIcombo on my 302 - but i need a tad bit of help in choosing the pre-intake plennum part. more specifically- how do i match up my T/B and Mass Air Flow? If im going with a 70mm T/B, do i want to correlate the MAF's specs to 70mm as well. Or for some reason do i want to make the T/B smaller and the MAF bigger (and viseversa) ? im still young and wanting to learn, so dont knock on me for not knowing EVERYTHING at the age of 17. :hail2:

PS- anyone run the Holley Systemx HCI in their combo? how'd it go?
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typically if you are going with a 70mm TB then you would want between a 70 and 76mm maf. 76 is a bit overkill unless you plan on making futher serious mods in the future, but for the price diff. in a 73 and a 76 it doesn't matter much what you get. You could probably still get away with a 65mm TB, but a 70 is a great middle of the road choice. Don't go over 70 unles you are running boost. I've heard some people on here that aren't too happy with the systemax setup. I have the trick flow setup and it's awesome. I'd do a little more research on which HCI package you want to go with. Whatever maf you go with make sure you get the correct sampling tube for your injector size. I'm guessing you still have stock 19# injctors so you would want a 19# sampling tube.