Talk me out of it...............


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Jul 6, 2005
Citrus Heights, CA
I'm thinkin' about sellin' my 92 gt. I hardly ever drive it. Maybe twice a month. I live in a decent city (suburban) but there is a cop on every block. They are crackin down hard on everbody. Cops hide on the side of the road at night with all thier lights turned off, they have zero tolerance laws on the freeways where they constantly pop people for 5mph over. I just got a 15mph over a few months ago and fought it in court, and a cop straight lied and i was guilty. The judge basically said he believed peace ofiicers over citizens. So i am left wondering, why should i spend a few more thousand dollars to make my gt fast, when I will be watched like a hawk and unfairly ticketed so the city can raise revenue? I like my stang, and had nice plans for it, and goodies I already bought laying around. I don't wanna feel like i'm just giving up oh her, but..... I don't know if it's worth it. What do you guys think about this?
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Dont let the man keep you down. honestly. Say 2 months from now you sell it and buy a beater... you then get pulled over in said beater for going 10 over. then you will think back and say "i guess it didnt matter what i was driving if the cops are going to be dicks like this" and possibly kick yourself for not having a "fun" car to putt around in
sorry 93ssp i live in CA.

I dunno what to do. I'm going to get out of my apartment and rent a house with my gf and another friend of mine. So i would finally have a nice garage to work on the stang in. i just wish cops wouldnt harass law abiding citizens over a few MPH, and worry about real crime. Also, i don't know if it passed or not but i heard of a new law in CA where they could make you pop your hood and impound your car if it's "illegaly modified". Which sounds very unconstitutional to me.
92 'verts rule man :p

I wouldn't sell it just for that. If you want to speed, try not to do it IN THE CITY WHERE YOU KNOW COPS ARE HANGING OUT LOOKING FOR SPEEDERS.
i wish that were the problem ozz. I am very careful in the cities. But it used to be that you could kinda let loose in the outlying rural areas. But as they explode with houses and businesses , the cops are out there in force as well. I used to know alot of back roads to have fun on, but now the cops are all over the place out there as well, it sucks. oh and BTW it's not a vert. But in summer i wish it was :)

The car stresses me out alot also cause it dosent always run right. So gettin rid of it might be cool, i could get some jet ski's or something. LOL But on the same token, i might really miss it later so I'm torn.
Sorry, I thought I read you said "92 vert". Still, they rule ;) 92 Mustangs rule all around, too. Depending what you sell it for, you can get a couple skis, trailer and a pickup to haul 'em both.

But what's not right about it? There's few problems that really are worth all the headaches and ultimately giving up your car. I say that with the assumption that it has sentimental value to you. Like mine, I never see myself giving it up even if I'm bored with it. If it was just a near-stock average condition Stang, then I probably wouldn't care and I'd let it go and replace it.
it is near stock. It's been broken into three times, once where i had to rebuild part of the steering column. I don't know, sometimes it just seems like more trouble than it's worth. But i don't want to look back and say i had a nice clean 5.0, but never even experienced tearin the motor down and having HCI on it. Another thing that sucks is i couldn't get full price right now cause it needs and SIR coil, a steering rack, and the a/c dosen't work. (which i was going to delete anyhow) But no a/c dosen't help the sale of a stang in CA in the summertime.