Thinking of going Long tubes...which are good?


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Feb 18, 2001
Well, I was going to buy a Magnaflow catted X-pipe on summitt..but since it was truck freight, the final total came to over $600. For that much...i'll go LT's.

So, here are my requirements. Much be ceramic coated (trying to cut down on underhood head) and must be able to be paired up with a catted mid-pipe....and would prefer to be used with GT-40P's.

Seems like the most common setup are the BBK or MAC setups. I have $300 in summit gift cards to blow, so that eliminates MAC as they don't sell them.

SO, how are the BBK's for quality? I've read up on the ball-and-socket connection being a restriction, but i can prob open it up a bit. How is the fit? I know the install is a PITA, what have you guys had to do to get these in? Do they interfere with steering and how is ground clearance?

Also, which should i get? 1 5/8 I assume unless i'm pushing serious HP?? Will 1 5/8" support an eventual 400-450HP if i add a blower later? I don't want to get 1 3/4" now because these will be installed with my E7's for now and GT-40P's later.

I was all set on my FMS ceramic shorties and Magnaflow catted mid-pipe setup until i figured out the final cost would pretty much be what I would spend on a BBK LT + mid pipe setup. But am I gonna hate the fit and finish?? :shrug:
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I put BBK's on last weekend with a generic X-pipe.dr side in from the bottom,pass side in from the top after removing t-body/starter with NO lifting of engine.Stock 80k mounts and clearance and fit that amazed me,no issues near steering shaft either.And the sound? No drone and quiet until hammer time and then everyone within miles will know a 5.0 is lurking.Ground clearance is superb also.
i took me all of about 15 min to put in my long tubes, took off the upper intake, took off the dipstick,un bolted the steering shaft, unplugged the plug wires, drivers side went in from the bottom, and the passenger side went in from the top, pretty straight forward, one thing i did notice was my car actually got quieter, but 1 5/8 should be good to 500hp IIRC, and you're car isnt lowered enough to really have ground clearance issues, mine lowered only scrapes on speed bumps that are REALLY high, sure these are kooks long tube, but the BBK's have the same solid flange, and hangs just as low as mine do, so i say go for it
The bbk's are nice, and the 1 5/8 should work great for you. Just expect the ceramic to only last a few years before it gets pitted up and you get them re coated.