Time for a Brake Job


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Feb 9, 2003
Well, its been 45000 miles since my front brake pads were replaced, bearing resealed, and rotors resurfaced. I am pretty sure my drums have never had anything replaced on them ever (81700 miles). I know lots of you guys do your own brake work, but it is something that I will be taking to my friend's shop. I am telling them if it needs replaced then do it so that it will be good for another 45-5000 miles I hope. I am pretty sure pads and shoes will be in order and maybe rotors if there isn't enough left to resurface. The brakes just don't seem like they grab as good as they used to and now when going say 45 and hitting the brakes the steering wheel shakes some. Usually a good sign that the rotors are getting warped. Anyway, not much of a post to reply to but will post up what had to be done and the costs after I get her back on Monday evening.
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It's become easier to do this lately. If the rotors have been turned, I would just go get new ones, with new pads. Same for shoes and drums. Stuff for these cars is easy to get. You can replace all of it with new for the price of paying a shop to do one end.

And you don't have to have the car gone for a day.
My shop found the rotors to be grooved and too thin to turn again, so I got new rotors. The pads were getting very thin, at one point it was almost down to the rivits. The rear drum brakes had a leaking wheel cylinder and shoes that needed replaced. Shop wasn't quite done this evening, so I will get her back in the morning.

So so far, 2 rotors, 2 sets of brake pads, 2 sets of brake shoes, 2 wheel cylinders, drums machined, brakes bled, fluid topped off, and labor.

Somehow I had a feeling the brakes just weren't as good as they should be and boy was I right. It was just a matter of time before they either failed or locked up on the rotor.

Will post back tomorrow how much different she brakes and then the cost after I get the bill.
Well, here is the list of parts that were replaced.

1 pt Brake Fluid 2.60
1 Set of Brake Pads 53.32
2 Front Rotors 83.04
2 oil seals 6.68
1 Set of Brake Shoes 36.45
2 Wheel Cylinders 23.82
Total: 205.91
Labor was 129.60 for the front and 146.50 for the rear. Grand Total: 505.57

It's more than I was expecting to pay and maybe it is a little high, but at least I know the people that worked on her and know they are careful with her. The last time the brakes were done it was back in 1999, 45000 miles ago.

Does anyone else have an opinon on the labor cost and how it compares to what they have paid or heard?
Ya thats a bit on the steep side....ouch! Last time I did a brake job on my stang I got 2 rotors wich were like 20 bux each, front pads were like 25, shoes were 18, and new bleeder valves all the way around for like 2 bux. Think I might have done new wheel bearings also but couldnt find the recipt for thoughs. If you cant do the work your self always get the parts your self you will save alot of cash that way for the same exact thing! But all in all you did get alot of wear out of your breaks, 45000 miles is realy good!
Thanks man for the comments, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was out there :) I called Midas and they wanted $530 for the same thing. Wish I knew how to do it myself would have saved a ton of money, but its not something i will have to do for another 9 years if I keep my mileage like I do now :D

On the flipside, I did replace my speedometer cable/housing all by myself yesterday. It would read correctly, but would bounce some, like the car was shaking, but not really.
really its not that hard. i think its 10 bolts each side that you have to undue to replace the fronts. the drums are a little more difficult. heres an idea, if you have a digital camer take a picture of it before it comes off paying attention to bolts and spring (for the rear) its really easy to put back together