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It no longer white and I think it was together enough at this point to take a few pics. Still wiring up the trunk and lighting and dint have the door panels in at this point. I think if I had thought a little bit better of it I would have repainted it white since that does hide flaws the best. I probably shouldnt have picked a dark color as the first paint job Ive done but the wife said she thought it looked good and from her thats alot. Also probably could have done better in the cut and buff but I can always go over it again since I went with five coats of clear. Might not be the prettiest girl at the dance but I think she will show me a good time. Didnt move it outside because it was cold cloudy and threatening rain. So this is all for right now.



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Yep self painted. First time I ever painted a car. I of course see every single flaw like they were lit with spot lights.
I actaully used an LVLP gun instead of an HVLP very little overspray. I thinked it worked out well. Got the paint from Sherwin Williams automotive.

The sun is out today I think I may go for a drive.