Traction Control button reset??


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Jul 25, 2006
Tyler, Texas
Let me give you the background for my question.

I have a co-worker that has an AWD Audi TT that was claiming on red light to red light he was beating a Z06. His car is stock and mainly claiming because of his AWD he was getting better traction. So he claimed he could beat me also. My 07 GT is all stock and I know it is no Z06 so I figured I would like to see it to believe it.

Anyway I had my TC off on a 25 mph start and was close until I missed 3rd. :(

Well I figured nothing more would happen so I turned my TC back on and then it just happened that we got stopped at a red light and went at it again.

Well He dumped his clutch and basically went no where and mine spun out like my TC was still off.

Both tires spun half way thru the intersection. So my question is do you have to restart the car to completly reset the traction control? With TC on I don't think my car should have spun anything like it did. Also I did not see any TC error lights.

Any ideas?
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Ford programmed it so that on dry pavement while going straight it wouldn't have much effect. Try turning or the same thing on wet pavement and it will kick in. But it's not real effective at putting down maximum power. Which is why they don't let it work too much on dry.
I believe you have to have one wheel spining faster than the other before it will feel the wheel spin. If they spin at the same speed it seams to take a while to engage, if at all. I drive my 05 GT year round and right now it is like a skating rink but with the TC I haven't had the urge to buy winter tires yet. I roll on the P-Zero Nero's and they work quite well in the ice and snow.