Tuning After Gears For Noob


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Oct 4, 2013
Oklahoma City
Hey guys, I just joined this site. I browse it from time, but I was trying to get more info on this topic and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I joined and decided I'd start my own thread.

I recently bought 373s for my '12 GT and I'm curious about how the whole dyno tuning process works afterwards. I've never had a vehicle worth tuning, so I'm 100% unknowing in the process. I'm completely stock right now, but I just had a field day on American Muscle and bought the gears, x-pipe and axle back, short throw, upper and lower RCA, lowering springs and an adjustable panhard. Back to my question, the gears will be the last thing I put on and I've read a lot of discussions about needing to get it tuned afterwards, but again, I'm new to the process. Do I need to buy a handheld and take it with me or should the shop have equipment there to do it? Also, I know every shop is different, but just for a ballpark estimate, can anyone tell me what I'm looking at for cost of labor to install the gears plus the tune afterwards? Sorry if this has already been discussed previously. I couldn't find specific enough info. Thanks in advance!
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Gears alone won't cause you to need a "dyno tune." I'm not sure if you'll see sufficient performance gains from your exhaust work to warrant an aftermarket tune. You need a tune when you add enough performance modifications that the stock tune will no longer run the (now modified) engine efficiently. You may want a tune to improve your car's performance over the factory tune, which tends to be conservative, and to take advantage of your freer flowing exhaust.

Your gear swap only requires someone to reset the gear ratio on the car's computer. This is only necessary to correct your speedometer readings after your gear swap. Technically, you can run just fine with just a gear swap, so long as you are aware that your speedo is incorrect.

Your local dealership can reset the gear ratio in your computer for you for an hour's shop time, without affecting any of the car's other parameters.
I will say that if you are going to keep upgrading............(which you will), a handheld tuner will be a great investment. American Muscle sells them every now and then with unlimited free tunes. So basically when you add something that needs specific parameters, you just call SCT and they will email you a new tune. Definitely worth a measley $400.00 that will let you do whatever you need in the future. Have fun!!!