Updated weight parts thread, fox & sn95 stuff, hoods, heads, shortblock, interior etc


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Sep 6, 2000
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I had a weight thread going awhile back, well I updated it and decided to post the new one. This is all from my shipping scale which is usually right on FedEx's scale. This is stuff I have been weighing for almost 2 years, when I come across it.

There are some Fox & SN95 weights in here

Engine Stuff:

Stock 302 Shortblock with crank, rods pistons but no cam, no timing chain, no timing, no timing cover and no oil pan, 184.85 LBS

Stock 302 Bare Block w/ Main Caps, 125.70 LBS

Vortech SQ Trim Fox Body Kit, complete except for belts, also figure you will be replacing some of your brackets/filter etc with what comes with the kit, no fmu or t rex was weighed with it, 42.5 LBS

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Head fully assembled with Crane Energizer 1.6 Roller Rockers, no port work, 33.65 LBS w/ Rockers, 30.05 LBS bare

E5 Head fully assembled with stock rockers, no port work, 53.85 LBS

Stock HO Intake, nothing in it but a couple of sensors and the TB studs, 33.15 LBS

Edelbrock Performer 5.0 Intake, bare, 38.90 LBS

Smog Pump with the first part of line to the valve thing, no other piping, 8.45 LBS

Crane Energizer 1.6 RR's with Poly Locks, 7.05 LBS

Romac Aluminum Balancer, 7.65 LBS

AC Compressor w/ Small AC Bracket, 18.00 LBS

Factory 92-95 Mini Starter, 7.80 LBS


World Class T5 out of 85 SVO, no bellhousing, not FULL of fluid but I think it still had a little in it, 71.55 LBS

Tremec TKO, No Fluid or Bellhousing, Steeda Shifter Base, 101.75 LBS

T56 out of a 93 Z28, probably similar weight to one for a Mustang Im sure, no bellhousing, no fluid, no clutch fork, 119.20 LBS

4R70W for a 3.8/5.0, Transbrake, Extra Clutches, No Fluid, 144.80 LBS

PA Super Comp C4 w/ SFI Bellhousing, no fluid, 116.8 LBS

Precision Stallion Triple Disc 4R70W Lockup Converter, 33.65 LBS

Continental 3800 Stall C4 Converter, 30.75 LBS

Stock T5 Bellhousing, 10.85 LBS

Lakewood SFI Bellhousing for 4.6, no block plate, 33 LBS

FMS Aluminum Driveshaft, 13.70 LBS

Stock T45 Driveshaft out of 98 GT, 21.00 LBS

FMS Billet Steel Flywheel, 24.25 LBS

Dog Bone, Bracket & Hardware off of 98 GT, 9.45 LBS

Interior & Body:

Kirkey Aluminum Race Seats w/ Covers, 20" Wide Versions, with Fox Body Tracks, 24.25 LBS

Passenger Seat out of 85 SVO, cloth, with seat track & manual lumber inflators, 44.25 LBS

Rear Seat out of 91 SSP Notch, 12.60 LBS for the upper, 10.05 LBS for the lower, I didnt remove the lower seat braces, sound deadnear, or seat belts though 22.65 LBS Total

95 GT Cloth Rear Seat & Seat Belts, 46.70 LBS

95 GT Rear Seat Belts by themselves, 4.90 LBS

94-04 MMR Rear Seat Delete w/ Hardware, 8.60 LBS (weight savings of 38.1 LBS!)

85 SVO Leather E Brake Handle, no hardware, 2.05 LBS

87-93 Center arm rest, 6.90 LBS, the 87-93 center console without the armrest and missing the ash tray door & shifter bezel is 5.45 LBS, 12.35 LBS total with arm rest. Including the power mirror switch, ac bezel and radio frame.

Fox Body Cargo Cover, 4.90 LBS

87-93 Hatchback Insulation in hatch (not including attached to carpet), right at 10 LBS

95 GT Insulation in trunk, 1.70 LBS

SVO Steering Wheel, no leather wrap on the wheel itself, 5.55 LBS

Stock 87-93 Hood with latch and not much paint, 41.05 LBS

Harwood 87-93 3 Inch Pin On Fiberglass Cowl Hood, 15.70 LBS

Cobra R SVO 87-93 Bolton Fiberglass Hood, no latch, unknown brand, 29.75 LBS

95 GT Stock Hood, no vents, 36.05 LBS

SVO (might be same or similar to other 79-86 bumper reinforcement?), Steel Bumper Reinforcement, 30.70 LBS

79-90 Fender, no moldings or anything, 13.70 LBS

Front Bumper Mount Shock Reinforcement things with bolts off of SVO, 10.75 LBS

Boxes Behind Rear Tires off of 98 GT (after a bit of the dirt fell out), 1.55 LBS

Brackets from rear subframe, that hold black boxes and attach to rear bumper support on 99 GT, 5.55 LBS without all of the hardware

Fox Windshield Wipers, 1.30 LBS

Fox Wiper Arms under cowl panel, 1.85 LBS


Magnaflow Mufflers, Flow Tubes & Turn Downs, 30.65 LBS

Magnaflow Muffler, 10.70 LBS

79-93 BBK 1 3/4" Long Tubes w/ O2's, 30.9 LBS, one was actually over a pound heavier than the other?

79-93 BBK 2.5" Offroad H Pipe for Long Tubes, 13.65 LBS, missing one stud

Stock H Pipe w/ 4 Converters, 33.65 LBS

94-95 Offroad H Pipe, 17.35 LBS


Steeda Drag Front Sway Bar for 79-93, has the bushing mounts but no endlinks, 13.30 LBS

Stock 4 Cylinder Fox Body Front Sway Bar, no bushings or endlinks, 12.75 LBS

Front Sway Bar off 99 GT, no end links, 9.80 LBS

94-95 Factory Strut Tower Brace, no hardware, 7.20 LBS


95 GT Jack, 5.75 LBS

95 GT Lug Wrench, 1.65 LBS

Fox Body Wiper Motor, 3.95 LBS

Fox Body Cruise Control Canister thing up in the fender, 2.50 LBS

Fox Body Horns, 1.35 LBS

Griffin Circle Track Aluminum Raditor, part number 1-26272-X, 15.45 LBS


Wheel Replicas Chrome Deep Dish SC Wheel 17x9, 5 Lug, 23.85 LBS (not a typo, the 9's ARE heavier than the 10's)

Wheel Replicas Chrome Deep Dish SC Wheel 17x10, 5 Lug, 23.45 LBS

97 Cobra Wheel 17x8, 22.45 LBS

98 GT Sport Wheel 17x8 (similar to 94-97 Cobra), 22.65 LBS

98 GT Sport Wheel 17x8 w/ Nitto 555 275/45/17 Street Tire, 50.35 LBS

Weld Pro Star 15x8, 5 Lug, 14.05 LBS

Weld Drag Lite 15x3.5 5 Lug, 10.65 LBS

5 Lug Steel Spare, 19.85 LBS
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