vortech y-trim come in


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Mar 6, 2007
i wanted to get an idea of what pulley setups people have and what kind on boost #'s they have. i have 331 with tea ported 205 tfs heads. how do i know im getting belt slippage the sc belt feels pretty tight to me. I have a 7inch crank pulley with a 3.00 pulley. atleast i think its a 7inch cranck pulley and im only getting 7lbs of boost
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I have a 342 stoker and some 2.02 valve eddy heads. I'm running 3.13 pulley and 7" crank 8 rib belt, Anderson powerpipe and seeing 8 lbs. When you have a larger displacement and better flowing heads it digests that intake air much faster so you don't see the boost levels as on a stock engine. This is a good thing. Your ported 205's really out flow my eddy's so 7 lbs looks very comparable. I would guess with a 2.75" you'll run 10 lbs. boost.
finally someone who knows what they are talking about. hey friend what kind of sc are you running? Tonight i took the car out and i saw around 8 or 9 lbs but mybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. my blower is a old school renengade one vortech doesnt make it any more so its hard to find info on it. but its rated to 30 lbs of boost. its right above a t-trim but below a ysi- trim. so mybe i need to spin it a little higher to start seeing some real boost. what do you think?