VRS O/R X, Prochamber, or BBK H

Which Combo?

  • MAC ceramic lt's and VRS o/r x

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New Member
Nov 28, 2005
wilmington, DE
alright SN, its time for the mid-pipe decision.. heres the breakdown..

if i go with MAC Ceramic L/T's..
should i get a o/r prochamber or VRS o/r x pipe? they will be catted in the fall when i have to go thru inspections with pypes 7" ceramic cats. Which one sounds better, and which one performs better.

if i go with BBK ceramic L/T's..
should i get a VRS o/r x pipe or bbk catted H? which one makes the powa, and the sound?

the vrs pipe if i get it will the the stainless steel version, which after shipping from them is $250. An o/r pc is $256 from lmperformance.com, and the bbk h's with cats already is $350 (AM).

i know its personal prefecernce, and i love the way it sounds now and the way a good x pipe sounds... so tell me what you think. :nice:
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MAC L/T's and prochamber wins. I ordered the l/t's today from brenspeed off of ebay. got a bid on percey deal for good gaskets, prochamber, new steering rack bushings, and now i might need new mounts.. (see tech thread).. i cant wait till i get a warm weekend in late feb!