Weird A/C and overheating problems


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Jun 26, 2004
Hey guys, I am hoping you can help me out. I have a 1993 GT Mustang convert. The car has always had severe overheating problems, and I am trying to get them fixed. The car has a redone AOD, a 2800 - 3000 stall converter, and a T-trim Vortech Supercharger on it. I put on a big, I think 4 row, aluminum crossflow radiator, a 55 GPH electric water pump, quad electric cooling fans, 2 trans coolers, and an oil cooler. I put in a 160 amp alternator to cover the extra draw. I also put a stalker front bumper on the car, a hood with 2 scoops, and I wrapped the headers to help with cooling. I have let the car idle in 105 degree heat, and it runs just above the 130 degree mark, I guess around 140-160 degrees, on the factory guage. I am very, very happy with that now. However, when I turn the the A/C on it heats up to around 200, with is ok. The A/C blows cold, but after a few minutes one of the valves on the A/C compressor starts starts blowing out hot gas/oil. The car doesn't really heat up over 200, and the A/C still blows pretty cold, but the compressor is hot and loud blowing out gas/oil. Last year I had the car converted over to 134A. I have now been told that the A/C condeser on 1993 Mustangs won't work with 134A. It is really hot in the front bumper area with the A/C on. I assume I need to put on a new condenser. Will a 94-95, or a 96-2003 A/C condesor fit in my car? Is there a nice aftermarket condenser that will mount up, and use the factory spring clips? Do I need to replace the dryer canister? Long post, I know, but I wanted to give you guys all the info I thought you would need. Thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate it.
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