Welded wrench to my car today!


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Mar 11, 2004
Orlando Fl.
Ok, so yeah, i went to the bank today, go to leave and my battery is dead. Im like wtf, so yeah, i go to discount auto and get a new batter, then after the purchase i go back to the bank to put it back in, i attach the neg cable and then i am tightening the pos. terminal and the wrench comes back and hits the metal thing that the mustang emblem is attached to and starts to spark and weld itself to the car, i start to freak, grab the wrench get shocked like a mother lol and by this point it had welded itself onto the metal peice like permantly. I have to admit, it was quite a nice weld, my brother was like "hey, thats better than i could do" i mean i had to laugh, it was pretty funny, even thoug the day had sucked lol. So after we shut off the power to the battery and my hand regained feeling, i knocked it off with a hammer, but it was on there pretty good, no dammage to the car and everyhting is fine. Just thought u guys could laugh at my stupidity lol :)..peace
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OK then. :lol: :rlaugh:

I hate when that happens, my frickin father in law blew a hole in my brand new braided hose lines this weekend to the same way, fused it right to the positive, twice no less. I had just enough to cut a new length after the first one and he freakin went and did it again. Fortunately I can hide it for now under the air cleaner snorkel but I hate when something new instantly becomes garbage. :mad:
That's awesome. Military HMMV's are even worse. They have 24v systems. The person who designed the battery box should be kicked in the nuts, not once, but twice. It's under the passenger front seat and is extremely close to the metal battery box. So when you have to clean the terminals (EVERY DAMN WEEK!!) you can flash burns on these things it's so bad.
LMAO kicked in the nuts not once, but twice. lol yeah, i guess i am kinda lucky, and grabbing the wrench wasnt the best idea i have ever had, but it was enough to stun me for a second lol..yeah, i didnt realize batteries were so dangerous till i encountered one firsthand. thanks for the laughs guys :)
batteries are not to be taken lightly, they can really f your day up if you make a mistake. when i install a battery, i usually imagine the entire car is one big negative terminal, and that usually reminds me what order to take it off in.
Just be glad it was a wrench and not what happened to a guy in auto class in HighSchool.

Was messin with his car, and the battery was positioned that the positive was close to the body. Well he dropped a nut down the side of the battery, so he reached in with his finger thinkin his hand would fit, NOT. Well his class ring he just got shorted between the positive and the body and cooked like a mother on his finger. That was a nasty ass burn and one ruined class ring. :notnice:
pabear89 said:
:rolleyes: I guess thats why you take the neg cable off first and put it on last.
Keeps those kind of things from happening.

Timeless wisdom from the FM. and prob someone else too. :D


A good idea in theory. Even if you do that, the battery terminal on both batteries are so close to the sides, you still end up grounding the post to the side even if all the cable are disconnected. Hence the kicking of the nuts TWICE!! :D You could take the batteries out, but that would make sense. In the service there is never time to the the job right the first time. But there is always time to do it over. Look at the Mairne Corps. Osprey. Ok I'm ranting....
Wel, it's really hard to explain if you haven't seen it. If you disconnect the cable,like you said your right it won't. But something always happens. The cable are 15 years old and have such a memory that it ends up returning far enough to the post just to touch enough. Can't use a cap because we clean the terminals with wire brushes. Do you mean caps on the grounds so the above doesn't happen ? YOU CAN"T take the batteries out to clean them, not permitted. Sometimes it boggles the mind we have the best military in the world with some of the clusters I saw in my short time in.