Well now what?


Am I looking at this wrong?


I mean... I see the sticker on the hub but if the red l ines I drew are indicitative of the cooling vanes then wouldn't that put this rotor on the wrong side?


Are the vanes I drew backwards?
The stickers from the manufacturer would have been installed incorrectly, which I guess could happen... The other side says Front drivers side"
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It probably doesn't matter which way you install this type.

No, would work the same no matter which way that rotor was mounted.

Factory 99-04 cobra rotors had Stright vanes inside. Could mount them on either side. The vendors making X-drilled rotors either drill them inthe same direction as the vanes, or sometimes opposite.

Regardless, most effective cooling will be with the vanes trailing, if that specific design. So that's what needs to be focused on, and not the x-drill pattern
Thanks again all! You guys reminded me why these forums are so great! Definitely planning on just enjoying the car (and no car payment lol) for a while. I'm sure I'll get the itch once I get more settled and buy somewhere with a garage to store it in if I have it all torn down. Brakes are most likely for sure happening this Winter though and you guys gave me a lot to search out and consider!
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For the T5, it's not necessarily a matter of HP or TQ, but if you get the tires to hook with say 400+ RWHP and are trying to launch it at a drag strip, eventually the T5 is gonna break. If you plan to street drive it and let the tires (traction) act as a circuit breaker it will be fine even with boost... but if you have traction and lots of power, it won't last. There are companies out there (Liberty I think??) that can build up a stout T5 that can handle the power, but at the prices it takes to do that it makes more sense to get a Tremec most of the time.

As for the brakes, LMR sells kits with everything you'll need if you want to go that route. It's not "cheap" but will be all inclusive and new parts. The only things you'd still need are a set of 94/95 front spindles and 5 lug wheels/tires. This is a proven setup for the foxbody cars that does not need anything special and will be just as good as most of the fancy big brake kits out there. If you want to get a little more fancy there is the option to use Brembo 4 piston calipers from a Cadillac ATS for about the same price as the SVE calipers which is what I put on my car but you have to be aware of wheel sizes there and use different rear calipers and use the proper master cylinder to get the right balance.

This link shows you all the options and the steps to build your kit, https://lmr.com/products/fox-body-5-lug-conversion-cobra

Below are the link's I'd use if it were me (assuming you have 28 spline rear axles).

Would the T5 be any better if he had the Z-Spec T5 ?
Oh smokes, that's actually super helpful! Thanks! I really want to convert to 5 lug if I am going to throw some money at doing the brakes, but don't really want to do that whole project for another year or so if I can help it (haha sounds crazy, but I actually bought this car to save some money...). Since I keep waffling on whether to upgrade or just replace with stock stuff, you have presented me with a great third option. The brakes you linked would be perfect for me in the mean time especially since I want to try and get some different (newer) brakes/tires on it before Winter!
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