What else do I need?


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Mar 14, 2002
Glendale, AZ
Ok guys.... my car has been up on jacks since august when the bearings on my turbo finally went out. I would like to be driving it soon, but want to make sure everything is ready. Here is what we got.

-87 TC engine, front mounted unidentifiable intercooler apprx. 12x15, 2 1/2 single flowmaster exhaust, ported head, large valve conversion, cam reground to 260 260 420 (lol....not quite sure what the numbers mean...any help with that?) and I think that is it. and of course a gillis.

I think I need to upgrade my fuel pump, get a fuel pressure regualtor, new gauges (my others got stolen) probably a strut tower bar and sub frame connectors because this is a convertable. BOV.

So what else should I get to make sure everything is going to work smoothly? I just want to double and thriple check I am not forgetting anything that will F*** up my engine.

THanks a bunch guys...

PS- lets hear some hp guesses......
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A reliable turbo is a big step forward ;o) afterthat yes a fuel pump likethe walbro 255 will get you off to a good start (i got mine on ebay shipped for 100$) a FPR is a must when u start turning up the boost. Gauges , id say go with a boost gauge of at least 30 each way, probly a good idea is an Air/fuel ratio gauge...so as you start to up the boost, ull know when its time to start uping the fuelpressure aswell. Double tripple check ALL your fuel lines and clamps. All cinch down your intercooler piping. How much do u plan on turning up the boost? When u swpped the motor, did u use the "good" felpro head gasket or the "cheap" 12-15 dollar one? Also i've heard that u can go a grade higher or thicker in head bolts? i would like to know more about that as i get closer to piecing my gentle boost friendly friend together ;) thats my "2cents"