What Harmonic Balancer?


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Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
What harmonic balancer are you guys using on your stock bottom ends? I am putting together a junkyard shortblock for my street car. Ported Perfromer RPM heads and a Novi 2000 (18 lbs of boost). I don't want to run the stock balancer as that was the cause of the last split stock block, after the balancer spun.... BOOM, lol.
I also don't want to spend ATI money for something like I have on the T-top car. I just wanted to see what everyone was using and what has worked well for you guys.

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I like the Pioneer units personally no issues with them and they will not require any spacers to work ..

872030 Pioneer 50oz, SFI 18.1
$185 shipped ;)

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