What weight of Mobil 1 do you guys use?

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gonna need a lot more info to make an informed decision, IMHO. basically one wants to run the thinnest oil that maintains decent pressure at all times and does not all leak or burn off. :)

what do you run now and how does it do? what ambient temps is the car driven in? miles on the motor?

you are not gonna go too far wrong - M1's synthetics flow down to about 50*F below freezing. But you can probably tailor the decision a little.

good luck.
Car was smoking with 10/30 so I decided to try the thicker 15/50 and see if it stopped. It seems to have worked.

Don't know for sure if it's better, worse, or negligible for the turbos, but I haven't noticed any problems whatsoever.

I doubt it, my engine may have (bought the car used so I don't know the histiry for sure) 195,000 miles on it. When I put the new heads on it, the cross hatching lloked good and crank pressure was ~145psi average. Oil pressure hot is ~25# at idle and ~50# at speed. It doe snot use much oil at all.