35th Anniv What?

No forum for us Spring Editions? :p

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Talking to a friend... I found out the Spring edition only comes in Yellow... Hmmmm... I wonder why the guy before me did to this thing. Because I do have the Polished Aluminum wheels, all the SE Stickers and the scoops (yes, they are Ford Factory scoops).
I have a performance red spring edition. And to the guy that said it is a cheap knockoff of the 35th editions. Didn't your mom tell you that if you had nothing nice to say dont say anything at all. I personally like the spring editions more. Wheels are shinier, no dull honecomb on rear, GT badges rather than the ones that look like 6 cylinder badges, and less were made, 3901 compared to 4628. But that is just my opinion, I actually like both cars but I guess I am a little partial to the spring editions. I to agree that we should het a forum together.