why cant i burnout?!

I think this might be called wheel hop but im not sure. If i try to burn out this is what "my marks" will look like.. __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ i hope u know what i mean lol. Its feel horrible in the car and sounds like its going to fall apart or somthing. Part of me was thinking it could be due to crappy front brakes, not being able to lock the front tires up so it results in that, or is it just wheel hop?!:shrug: what can i do to stop this from happening? thanks
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Hve you removed your rear quad shocks? Cuz if you do, it will stop, plus if you put 22" rims on your car, that will help too.

JK, seriously if your quads are removed, that will cause wheel hop problems. Other than that, just keep practicing.
95GTV8 said:
i don't know what you mean, but is only one wheel spinning? If so t-lok rebuild.
he means looking done at the road from the sky it would look like this =======

i think it is wheels hope. mine doesnt do it, but would the lack of side wall cause it???(seriously, not making fun)
im going to agree with lack of power due to the size of your rims. the tires way out there isnt spinning as fast as a smaller diameter tire. or you are doing something wrong, which i would put up as a higher possibility. :p
245s so thats not that wide.. and no i dont have quad shock bc my car was an original 4cyl, and its not a 1 legger.. my posi is working fine and it does look like ===== thats what i shoulda used for an example in the first place heh.. o and the technique i use is just to rev it up dump the clutch and hit the brakes.
that means its probably not an 8.8 rear.maybe it is,youll have to check it out.If it is buy some quad shocks and it should help out alot!! Find out if you have the hook ups for quad shocks and I'll send you mine for the cost of shipping.They only have 30,000 miles on em.reving up and dumping the clutch is the way to do it!!