World Ford Challenge "WFC 10" anyone going?


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Nov 29, 1999
Altoona, PA
Is anyone going to the WFC10? I will be there without my car (I think) and was wondering if anyone else was going? It'd be cool to meet some midwst guys there that I'd normally never meet. Let's hear it if your going. If you are not going and could be, then why the hell are you not??? :D
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GT_green_GT: better not show up in St Louis for the WFC10 cause it's been moved this year to Indianapolis, IN. Not exactly sure why, but they moved it. I used to live about 10 miles from Gateway International in St Louis, but this year I'm living in Dayton, OH which is about 100 miles from Indy, so I'll still be there.

I made it to the last 4 in St Louis and never imagined they'd move it. I heard it was due to a scheduling conflict with one of the Craftsman Truck races at Gateway or something, but that may or may not be true.

Anyone else who's there, look me up. 03 Cobra, red, should be Twin Turbo by then.
I could but I am using my vacation days for races that I am participating in here in the south. I still like WFC but I hate that they have eliminated the sportsman classes like Factory Stock etc. I'll be watching the race footage online this year.
i'm planning on attending (i live in the SW suburbs of Chicago), provided that I can leave work early (I teach at a high school). Hopefully I'll have the H/C/I ordered or installed by that time and cruising the stang down to Indy with my dad or the lady. If not, I'll be there in the 145,000 mile saturn daily driver :(

went to WFC 9 last year and had a blast. took the lady and stayed at the Hilton St Louis @ the Ballpark and "lived it up" for a few days. hopefully the nightlife in Indy is a little bit better than it was in St Louis (Chicago has spoiled me...)

BTW, any stangnet members heading to WFC 10 should come to the NMCA/NMRA super bowl of street legal drag racing @ Joliet. it's usually brutally hot, but always fun. good tailgating and racing action everytime...