Zex Kit...what else do I need

Okay I'm thinking about getting a Zex Juice Kit to hold me over until I do an HCI. If I were to get the kit should I go dry or wet? Also what else do I need to run it on my stock motor? Do I need to upgrade my fuel pump or injectors? Or do I just have to retard the timing and be set? Thanks guys
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imo zex brand is kinda sucky. my sis's ex husband put a dry kit on her 90gt and not even 4months of running it , ended up frying the rings. ended up being the infamous computer that adjusts it or whatever had a fluke in it. spent all that money on a nos kit and fried the motor lol. course he's a fumbduck so go figure:D
I run the Zex on my 347.

I always say wet. I would also upgrade the fuel pump. Stock injectors should be fine for now.

At the very minumum get a window swith. You don't want to be spraying and hit the stock rev limiter. My MSD one was $80. Retard timing, run a step or 2 colder plug and close the gap.

There are lots more things you should or could get but whats I listed above is the very minumum needed.
I would personally go NX or Coldfusion. I've had experience with NX, and it has seemed very stable, and reliable. So far I haven't needed to replace anything but plugs every few months. My friend with a WS6 has Coldfusion at a 150shot, and it is a great kit also. I'm not sure if they make a kit specified for mustangs, but it is a good kit for ls1s.

Both are wet kits.