1. 9

    headlights under load

    84 351w any ideas why headlights would dim when i give it gas? altenator?
  2. R

    Engine Who should I go with for a new 351W and manual trans

    I have a 88 GT Mustang and I want to drop in a 351W, not looking to build one up from scratch (time constraints). Basically a crate without the accessories and upper manifold. Future goals is to get to 600 HP. Questions: 1. Much later down the road I plan to do a twin turbo setup. Is there a...
  3. D

    351w na build combo opinions

    I have a 351w bored 40 over. Stock bottom end, all arp bolts. I have a vic jr single plane intake, trick flow stage 3 hyrdraulic roller cam, trick flow 1.7 rocker arms,so cam will be 640 lift do not know the other specs of cam off hand right now, trick flow twisted wedge 11r 205 cylinder heads...
  4. 8

    Engine 302 block with a 355 stroker, would these internals work in a 351w

    Over the winter i am going to swap a 351W into my fox, currently i have a 302 motor stroked out to 355 (probe stroker kit) I am just curious if any of my current forged internals will work with a 351W. Here is my motor build list. Thanks for the help! Build list: Edlebrock e street heads 170...
  5. S

    New to The Form, with a wrecked Mustang!

    Hey fellow Mustang lovers, names Mark, I'm not new to the mustang scene how ever I'm new to this forum (obviously) I currently have a 1990 Mustang LX trunk car, powered by a 351W, (Originally a 4 cylinder car) that on November 6th of this year. Lady ran the red light (I'll leave it up to you to...
  6. T

    408w swap: Trying to ID these headers

    Picked up a Stroker recently in a private sale. The seller couldn’t remember exactly but thought the headers may be hookers. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t confirm. Hoping someone here may know. They could be 5-8 yrs old based on some other parts receipts from the build. TIA
  7. Sun Dropsz

    How To Make A Dipstick Tube For A 351w Without Buying The Ford Racing Swap Kit

    I called Jegs, summit, lmr, dorman, cj pony, Ford dealership and all them other online vendors. From what I've been told Ford doesn't make dipsticks anymore for early 80s crown vics which is very understandable. And these online vendors will NOT sell you the dipstick and tube.They want you to...
  8. S

    '95 Gt Manual Steering Conversion

    I am swapping a 393w into my '95 GT and I have some problems with my current steering set up.. the power steering pump off of my 5.0 is leaking pretty bad, the boots on my factory rack are shot, and I would have to buy a FRPP bracket to put my power steering pump onto my Windsor block. What do...
  9. S

    393w Camshaft & Opinions

    I am building a 393w for my 1995 gt. '94 up 351w block. I am needing help with the camshaft, as i have everything else and i'm wanting to get the motor finished ASAP. 393w Scat rods and crank Mahle forged pistons Edelbrock performer rpm heads(ported) Edelbrock air gap intake (ported) Holley...
  10. Xterminator03

    306 Turbo Or 357

    I am undecided. I currently have a 306 where I'm having some issues with. ( Oil and gas leaking from throttle body onto valve cover). So I will be pulling out the engine and rebuilding the motor. At that time I would like to go Turbo with an on3 performance kit 66mm. Or there is a new 351...
  11. Christian68

    SOLD Jba 1653sh 351w H Pipe

    Crossover Pipe, H-Pipe, Stainless Steel, 2.5 in., Ford 351w Had a customer cancel, Brand New. need to move out. $139.95 E- Performance Retailers Selling for $205.00 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/jba-1653sh
  12. RacerJames

    What's The Difference Between My Early 351 W Heads?

    I have 2 351W heads. 1 D0OE and 1 C9AE. It's my understanding that they have the same valves, combustion chambers and ports, pressed in positive stop rocker studs, and all the bolt locations match. so, can y'all please explain the differences between these two castings?
  13. Clint426

    Engine Misfire And Carbon Fouling Plug On Cyl. 4

    Been trying to figure out a carbon fouling plug issue mainly on #4 and a bit on #8. All other plugs look fine. First will fill everyone in on what the engine is. Block: 408w (351w stroker) Heads: AFR 220 Intake: Super Vic EFI Cam: Compcams XFI 248 hr Ecu: PiMP (microsqirt basically) I'll stop...
  14. M

    800hp 408w Injector Help

    So I've been spending the last few months building my motor and all that's really left is injectors. Motors a 408ci Windsor base motor. All forged internals, Arp2000 rod bolts, with all other arp bolts or studs. Trick flow twisted wedge 11r 205cc heads, and full trick flow intake and On3 76mm...
  15. B

    408 Stroker With Stock Rods

    So if I'm understanding correctly, and doing the math right, a 408 stroker can be built utilizing a stock 351w block and the stock rods. I've been doing some research, and can not find any threads anywhere talking about this. But the math seems to add up, so please correct me if I'm off...
  16. 1

    99 Mustang.. 302-351 Swap Need Help

    has anyone done a 302-351 carb swap in the 99-04 body? need some help and wondering what all I will need for the swap. and before any one says (sell it and buy a v8) I want to keep this car!!!! and I don't want a 4.6 in it. like I said I want to do a carb swap, and emissions is not a problem...
  17. fisher54

    Leaky Aftermarket Thermostat Housings

    I thought I would share a recent experience with the lowly thermostat housing. I wanted a new one and these are easy to acquire aftermarket for most any 289/302/351W from the 60s to the 90s. After installing with the paper gasket and some Form-a-Gasket No. 2, it promptly blew out the gasket...
  18. B

    351w Fox Budget Build

    Hey guys I recently converted a 2.3 to a 351w and have a couple questions about my build. First off I don't know what kind of hp I'd be expecting. It's has the stock stroke, ported heads with 1.94 valves, .504/.504 296/296 camshaft, and air gap intake. Also I'd need to know if I'd need a 650 or...
  19. SadbutTrue

    Oil Pressure Sender Issue On Roller 351

    I'm actually a classic owner but the engine is a roller 351/408 stroker, so i figured I'd ask here. I've been having a pretty annoying issue with my oil pressure sender/adaptors. I transitioned from an older style 351w (early 70s), and tried to re-use my old oil pressure setup. Though I'm not...