1. K

    Bone stock 2002 4.6 Cobra need performance upgrades

    I have a stock 2002 4.6 Cobra. Wondering if and intake spacer would help much at all or a larger than stock throttle body (70 or 72 or 75 or 77...) would add much...or both? Should I look toward a different than stock intake manifold? Reprogrammed chip or programmable chip or ECU? Headers...
  2. A

    Mpg/performance Mods? ‘98 V6 Auto

    Looking for ways to get more performance and/or mpg, I’ll take either. Current setup: 1998 V6 Automatic base model. 146,000 miles. 19 city/ 21 highway. Current mods: SR Performance CAI, throttle cable zip tie mod. Planned mods: High flow X-pipe exhaust, low resistance front tires. What...
  3. K

    Rear End/differential

    Hi I have a 2001 3.8L Ford Mustang first 9 of vin 1FAFP4047 I was wondering what I could do in the rear end to safely increase my top speed I heard that the driveshafts are only rated for 120 and under or they explode what else should I replace that can’t handle 140 also what differential do I...
  4. T

    How To Get More Out Of 2.8?

    Hey so I recently picked up a gorgeous 2.8 l 1974 mustang 2 and absolutely love it! I have a laundry list of projects I've got lined up for this from bumper to bumper, but before I get started on those I want to get the most I can out of this engine so far I've gotten a new carburetor (2bbl) I...
  5. J

    Looking To Tune The Gt

    hey guys, I have recently modified my car since i have purchased it i believe back in Jan of this year. List of modifications done to the car 2002 Mustang GT 173k exedy stage 1 clutch SR Performance CAI 70MM BBK throttle body 75MM Professional Products Plenum (is it normal to hear a whistle do...
  6. T What

    Im pretty new to the mustang community, buying my 2004 v6 3.8L mustang just not even 6 months ago. So far I have a catback exhaust system, cool air intake, short throw shifter, stage 2 spec clutch, RAM billet aluminum flywheel, and some raxiom LED halo head lights. I really want to get this...
  7. cbanakis

    Saleen Blower Oil Cooler?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I hope I can get some feedback. I have an 01 GT with a Saleen Series 4 supercharger. I just got an oil filter relocation kit, and an oil cooler. The Saleen runs pretty hot. The supercharger oil is self contained, but there is a fill plug on top of the...
  8. Phillip32

    07 Gt

    Hello everyone. I'm just getting my first car and it just happens to be an 07 gt. I want to make it as high performance and loud as possible. I'm on about a 2500 budget. Any advice??
  9. SadbutTrue

    Fox Coast High Performance 408 Throws A Bearing After 10 Months, 900 Miles... How To Proceed...

    Last year I replaced a long-running 351w in my 1966 coupe with a Coast High Performance 408. Classic car, but ultimately its an 80s roller motor, and more Fox/SN95s are running around with CHP motors than classics, hence why I'm putting this here (and probably in the classics too, and other...
  10. Bobs88lsc

    Maf Performance Enhancements For .40 Over 302.

    I had an 84 mark 7. I had the stock block cylinders bored .40 over. I also had the head and valves ported out for better air flow.i have new pistons& new crank I had this motor set up for a carb,but decided to strip all the carb related parts off the engine (including removal if the cam) i now...
  11. Mike N

    Engine Best Cams For Performance (4.6)

    In your opinion,what are your go to cams to recommend based solely on performance gain. Cyber Monday is upon us and I'm going to be ordering a set of cams. Her specs are below.
  12. Matthewr98

    2005 V6 Performance Mods?

    I have a 2005 mustang v6, and it currently has a new exhaust, a new cold air intake, and a new throttle body. But.. I feel it lacks some power. What can I do to add more? The only thing I have left on my list of things to do would be to swap out the stock gears for 4.10's and tune it, but I...
  13. Mustang Throttle Body Installation - SVE (86-93 5.0L Fox Body)

    Mustang Throttle Body Installation - SVE (86-93 5.0L Fox Body)

    Get more information on the this Mustang performance throttle body here: Upgrade your puny factory throttle body with a SVE 70mm throttle body kit that includes the TB, correct EGR...
  14. Steeda Performance Sport Springs

    Steeda Performance Sport Springs

    [media] Please let me know if I can help you with that.