Question on swapping


May 28, 2021
ok so let's just get this started by im generally new to mustangs but have quite a bit of experience with cars and trucks I've got a 90 mustang lx was 2.3 but now is 5.0 carbed manual t5 I've been having some problems with it but generally motor is in really good shape came out of a 94 f150 its been vapor locking but thats not the issue in this post im looking at selling my 90 lx which is a little rusty soon because im considering buying a 1980 mustang new interior new paint job new rims and tires basically rust free and only has 45000 miles on it but its 3.3l and automatic im personally not a fan but am wondering what all i would have to do to get my 5.0 and t5 in this 80 im hoping alot is plug and play sense both are carbed and what not sure im gonna have to do some wiring tho thanks for feedback
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I converted an 82 from a straight six to a 302. The K member is not set up for a four or V8 engine, so easiest is to swap it for one and install V8 mounts. I used a K member from an 80 Capri with a 255 V8.