1. mattys91gt

    Fox what thermostat to run in the summer

    what thermostat I should run for the summer since my heater core is bypassed will that effect the heat from the motor? and I put a stock thermostat in the other day, I had a 180 in there
  2. C

    Temperature gauge not working

    Iv been trying to get my temperature gauge to work after I did a engine swap. The parts car was a 2000 v6 mustang and the car that the engine and transmission went into was a 2003 v6 mustang. I have changed the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat I wired the clips from both years...
  3. P

    Help with overheating 4.6 4v!!

    I recently purchased a 96 mustang cobra and the car was overheating so I flushed and replaced the coolant, but no help. Every time I drive the car for about 20 mins the engine bay smokes and theres hot coolant leaking from the reservoir. After some research, I am going to replace the thermostat...
  4. Z

    PO128 Thermostat code help

    Hello, I'm new to the StangNet forum, but I've been doing DoorDash for a two months or so, and my mustang started overheating. I first suspected the thermostat, so I changed that and added new coolant. But whenever I was at a stop or basically not driving down the highway the engine would slowly...
  5. starstruck106

    Car overheated and now it won't turn over - help PLEASE

    I have a 95 Mustang Convertible it is not a 5.0 I was running the AC yesterday but it was hot enough in Nevada that I pulled over to take the top down (the AC and car were both still running), I took off from there and not even five minutes latter I heard a rattling in front when I pushed on the...
  6. starstruck106

    Need Help 1995 Convertible 3.8 Temp Gauge still not working and alarm system is draining my battery

    I have a 1995 3.8 Convertible that I recently had a belt break on while driving in heavy winter conditions. The belt was replaced and I have driven maybe 400 miles since that time. About two weeks ago the gauges for fuel and temperature stopped working (just the ones on the left) I had this...
  7. Ethan Keirn

    Electrical 1985 GT

    Hello, recently bought an 85 gt and love it, but shortly after purchase the temp gauge stopped working so I swapped out the temp switch with a new duralast one from autozone. Well the gauge started working again but it was reading way high, like too high, around the A or L in NORMAL. I swapped...
  8. C

    Temp Gauge Not Rising (engine Not Reaching Operating Temp.)

    I have a 5 speed 1990 Mustang LX 5.0: Stock 302, New distributor, thermostat, spark plugs, Spark plug wires, New cam sensor. It's entirely stock. When I start the car for the first time while it is cold it stalls. Upon second start up it almost dies and then picks back up again. I'm not sure...
  9. tarponboy

    97 Cobra Running Hot

    Hi everyone, I have a 97 Cobra with 102,xxx miles on it. Bought it about 1 year ago. Only driven occassionally, on the weekends. When I bought the car, it had a very slow drip of antifreeze from the lower thermostat housing. No problem, took the car on around town trips and all was well (just a...
  10. Chenaniah

    No Heat And Temp Gauge Fluctuates??

    I just replaced the thermostat. Still no heat and my temp gauge still moves up and down in the NORMAL range. Not showing symptoms of a blown head gasket. What could it be and how can i test for it?
  11. B

    Iac / Overheating Woes - Progress And Questions

    Hello all! Progress is being made, albeit more slowly than I would like. A little backstory, though... I traded an older truck that I had for my first Mustang - a 1998 GT with all the bolt-ons and some other miscellaneous work. The car runs and sounds fantastic. I drove the car for about 2...
  12. H

    Engine 94 5.0 Overheated And Caused A Mess Of Problems

    Hey everyone new here just wondering if anybody can offer some help on some issues. So a couple weeks ago my car overheated on a really hot day during a 2 hour road trip from picking up my sister from her moms. I was about 45 minutes from home and my car went from O on "normal" to the red zone...
  13. W

    1968 Cougar Over Heating Problem... Suggestions

    Again hope it is cool to ask Cougar questions here since they are so close to stangs. But hey I just bought a 68 cougar from a guy. Runs and starts perfect but it over heats. I feel pressure building in the top hose so I thought thermostat. Changed that and the hose and I am still experiencing...

    Coolant Overflowing / "low Coolant"

    Hey guys Replaced the water pump and thermostat about a month ago as water pump was failing and leaking out of weep hole. I have put a few hundred miles on the car. All of a sudden the temp gauge rises pretty high on a cool early morning ride to work. The more RPM and fan action would help...
  15. A

    Car Won't Get Up To Operating Temp

    im not really sure where to go from this point so i decided why not give this a try, maybe someone might have a clever idea. i have an 83 fox that i just put a new 2 core aluminum rad in as well as a new water pump. the motor is a carbureted 306 with a comp cam edelbrock heads an edelbrock...