1. A

    Auto Transmission oil change.

    I recently got a brand new 2019 Auto GT. I want to take real good care of it. The manual says to change the trans fluid every 150k miles, but I hear people say they change it every 30k miles. Are these people wasting their money or will this preserve the car? I'm 19 so I will drive it hard at...
  2. W

    T5 vs Toploader 4 speed???

    hey fellas i’m going to swap my c4 for either a t5 or a 4 speed top loader but i’m stuck between the two. I’m currently running 3.55s and as soon as i hit 65 i’m at 3k rpms so highway gas mileage goes out the window and i don’t want to be cruising at 3-4k. What i’m asking is what is more worth...
  3. Wayne Waldrep

    What's it Worth? Transmission Value

    I've decided to let a few things go finally. I don't normally sell Fox body stuff at all. But I have a few things I'll never use. First up is AOD transmissions. I have two that came out of driving cars. I've had them for a long time. I'd like to know what they are going for now. Thanks!
  4. robthechemist

    Any benefit to upgrading the top loader bell housing to a T5 bell when doing a T5 conversion?

    Hello all. I have a 1966 with a 302, 4 speed manual. I am doing the T5 swap soon and am debating on using an adapter plate to connect the T5 to the original bell housing, or "upgrading" to the T5 bell housing. Is there any functional benefit to doing this or any negative to not doing it? I plan...
  5. T

    Clutch going bad or something else? Please help

    2009 base model. V6 manual trans. So, I started noticing some grinding of gears (all gears. Shifting up) when I shift. If I shift slowly, there is no grind. It just takes a brief pause after I shift out of a gear before I shift into the next gear, and then there is no grind. So, I came to my...
  6. W

    Still won’t go into gear after replacing 2 parts

    Thanks for taking the time for anyone who does. I’ll cut to the chase. I have a 2003 mustang gt with the 5-speed manual. I just recently replaced my throw out bearing which seemed to go just fine. After the job it drove fine for one whole day, then it became hard to get into gear. Long story...
  7. D

    Drivetrain Shifting issues

    So I’m rounding 3rd on my 10 year overhaul and rebuild of my 1997 4.6 Mustang GT and having shifting issues. Everything in front of the firewall is brand new. The transmission is the original but worked great before pulling it. It sat for 10 years without fluid, but the openings were...
  8. J

    My new 2001 Cobra is here

    Hello every one. Just bought a 2001 Cobra. Car needs a clutch. I already bought an Excedy Stage 2 and an SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust. While I have the transmission out what else should I do to the car at the same time? Any suggestions? Tranny mounts? Etc.... Figure while I’m dropping the cats and...
  9. L

    Transmission help

    Hello, I just bought a 2005 ford mustang gt automatic, not 2 hrs after buying the car the trans started making harsh noises I pulled over and looked underneath in coolant was coming out, I thinking the coolant line to the trans broke or something? Also is the 03 ford explorer 5r55s compatible...
  10. A

    Auto Trans Slams Downshift

    Hi, I have a 2003 Mustang GT Automatic Transmission with 80k miles. When driving, if I punch the throttle, the car will downshift after a second or so, and it slams when doing so. The slam feels to be in the rear end. It doesnt have any problems downshifting regularly, and upshifting is ok...
  11. V

    2001 Mustang GT Transmission Craziness

    Good Morning Everyone, I figured I would make a post about this and see if anyone else has had this happen. I have a Late 2001 Mustang GT and I believe my car has the T45 transmission. The issue is my car is the late 2001 and the vin even says it should have the T3650. I have had the car the...
  12. B

    2000 V6 Mustang knocking sound

    Alright, this is my first post here so if I'm doing anything wrong, let me know. 2000 Mustang V6 with stock 4-speed automatic transmission. The short version of the issue is that I'm hearing a metallic knocking sound coming from the front half of my car, there is no check engine light, and...
  13. Nick Bos

    C4 Transmission has very delayed shifts

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 and a c4 select shift transmission. Recently the transmission has been delaying its shifts more frequently as time passes. I adjusted the vacuum modulator screw to reduce the delay and it has not worked (3 full turns counterclockwise). As of right now...
  14. D

    98 3.8L T5 transmission seal and bushing

    Fun T5 question for a 98 3.8L: Leaking out rear of transmission where yoke enters. I can find an output seal easy enough, but I believe there is going to be "bushing" or "bearing" around the splines that I'll need to replace. Wondering if it's something I can do without dropping transmission. I...
  15. D

    T-5 issue with 3/4 slider on rebuild

    Been rebuilding the T-5 (WC) in my 2000 V6 mustang. Having issues with the 3/4 slider on the rebuild. Slider works fine for 3rd gear but when I attempt to act like I'm shifting to 4th gear, the slider goes too far, which causes the keys in the slider to 'stand up', stopping the slider from...
  16. W

    1971 Torino. T5 transmission swap

    Hi, I’m doing a transmission swap on a 1971 Torino. I bought a T5 transmission that was in a 1983 4 cylinder mustang. My question is what all do I have to swap out so I can bolt it to a 302 and can I use WC parts
  17. S

    Trans tapping

    Hey guys this is my first post figured I’d reach out to some forums with some people with more experience than me I have a 1996 mustang gt 5 speed I’ve been fighting this issue for a couple months. I’ve got this knocking noise coming from my transmission. It does it at idle. When I rev and...
  18. E

    Rev Limiter On 1998 V6 Mustang

    Does the 1998 3.8L V6 engine have a rev limiter? I know that the auto transmission shifts at 4500, and that the red starts at 5000, but the tachometer goes to 7000. I was wondering how high can you rev it to in first and second gear before it damages the engine? Thanks
  19. E

    Gt And V6 Transmissions

    My friend has a 1996 Mustang GT that he wants to LS swap (he's a sinner) later this summer, and I want to do a V8 swap in my car which is a 1998 Mustang V6. He said he'd sell it to me for $850, but I was wondering if I also needed to buy his transmission from him or if the two cars use the same...
  20. wiseguyk

    Fox What's A Fair Asking Price For High Mileage Stock 5.0/t-5 Setup?

    Hey guys, I pulled my stock motor and transmission last weekend and have a friend of a friend interested in buying everything. I told him I'd get back to him with pictures and a price but have no real idea what a fair price would be to give him. It's a 1991 5.0 with intake, fuel rails...