1. 2

    Electrical Power Window Wiring Nightmare.Please Help.

    2002 Mustang GT Auto. Previous owner added a Dei 530T Module so the wiring is not orm from factory. I fixed the driver side power window and lock by re wiring everything back to stock. My problem is my passenger side is getting no power at all. Side Mirror and window do not work with any of the...
  2. J

    Bad wiring for fuel pump relay/constant priming? 1992 mustang gt

    So recently just got back from vacation and went to start up my car to let it run for a little. When I went to start it up the battery was dead, so I swapped it out with one that should be charged. When I hooked up the battery, some more sparks flew than usual (probably just me being stupid) and...
  3. M

    Headlights On When Car is Off/Parked and Raining - S550

    Hello, I have an interesting problem. When my 2017 Mustang GT is parked/off and it is raining outside, for some reason my headlights may or may not turn on. I have tried a couple things like placing the headlight switch in the "off" position rather than keeping it in the "automatic" position...
  4. E

    Urgent! Assistance needed

    Hi, I currently am in the process of installing diode dynamics drl boards and demon eyes. But for the demon eyes it recommends installing the cut off wire to the low beam wire. I have looked everywhere on line and can’t find out from anyone what color the low beam wire is and where it is...
  5. Z

    Having Trouble Finding a Specific Part

    I need to replace the alternator to power distribution box harness for my 2002 v6, but i can’t seem to find a harness that looks like it. Every other harness I find has a single connection, not the 2 connections on either end of the harness. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. J

    1969 mustang ignition problem please help

    I don't know too much about cars but I recently bought a 1969 mustang and I decided to rewire using American auto wire (AAW) and I finally finished and ready to start the car, when I put the key into the on position the car immediately tried starting without me turning the key, it also made this...
  7. V

    Electrical Can someone tell me the name of this connector

    The guy who had my mustang before me had the swell idea of running the electric fan off of an ignition wire..this is the results. Just curious what the name of this type of connector would be called so I can purchase a new one and splice it in. I'm well aware I could just cut and splice all the...
  8. N

    Electrical 94 Mustang Wiring to fuel pump and cooling fan

    I have a 1994 Mustang SVS (recently acquired) with a fuel injected V6, which I removed and replaced with a carbureted 5L. I’ve used a Performance World distributor in this conversion; it uses a single power wire for its power source. I used the positive wire from the EDIS coil to feed the...
  9. D

    Electrical 88 5.0 Tach diagnostic help

    First post here. I’ll get straight to business. I have a 1988 5.0 Im currently restoring and the tach is dead. I have removed the whole harness during the resto and gone through it from the ecu to the engine. The tach only moves when cranking the engine to about 100-200 rpm. I have tested the...
  10. X

    Electrical problem, Need help!

    Hey there, i need Help. I got an 69’ Mustang with AOD trans. But now i wanted to start the car, but just connect battery cable with battery and then it starts. The ignnition switch - off position. If i wana shut down the car i must disconnect battery cable. I changed solenoid, new ignition...
  11. J

    1999 Mustang GT, E-Brake Assembly/Wiring Failure (Help Needed)

    On my 1999 Mustang GT (Convertible), you need to engage the E-Brake which will then trigger the dashboard parking brake light to go on, and once it's on, the top can go down, or up. However, the assembly has been failing about 9 out of 10 times and I need to try to pull it up, release it, repeat...
  12. S

    Explorer 5.0 swap

    I have a 4cyl 1990 car and I just bought a 98 explorer with a 5.0 and automatic. how can i get the ecu and harness from the explorer to work? the mustang will have a manual in it so how will i get the ecu from the automatic explorer to work with a t5?
  13. T

    Need help with Wiring (obd2/DLC)

    so i have an 88 fox, and I've swapped a 1996 drive train (2V, 5 speed rear end, suspension and brakes) and of course the electrical system from the 1996 GT is now in the FOX. I'm trying to now hook up the DLC so i have obd2 to tune the car, and I'm lost. Does anyone have any wire diagrams or...
  14. N

    New Headlights, Low Beams not working, Hi-Beams half working

    Title Just bought some new Headlights for my 2001 GT. Low beams refuse to come on. Hi-Beams cannot be toggled on, but I can Flash them. Blinkers also dont reset. Im not sure what the problem would be here... Looking for some good advice to start diagnosing this problem. I have replaced the...
  15. I

    Electrical help! 03 mustang headlights

    So I just installed the “white face reverse glow gauges” and my turn signals work but my headlights (low and high beams) don’t work. Also, I can use the “flash to pass” and my lights come on.. don’t know what to do
  16. K

    Need help with headlight harness/switch/wiring in 2000 Mustang

    so I've been having the issue of my headlights having a flickering/cutting out completely problem randomly while driving at night (obviously not using headlights during the day). I bought a brand new battery which didn't solve the issue, upon looking for more reasons as to why this was happening...
  17. M

    Electrical 02 GT - Multiple Electrical Issues

    Hey everyone, as I said in my introduction thread I picked up a 5 speed 2002 GT about a month ago. Of course after I bought it I started noticing a couple electrical issues. When I have the headlights on and engage the high beams they come on right away, but the indicator on the dash does not...
  18. no_fox_given

    1994 5.0 mystery wiring connector

    Hello all, first time poster after owning this car for about 1.5 years now, bought the car already heavily modded. I've finally found a wiring connector that I am unable to find in any wiring diagram, FSM, EVTM, forum post or google search... The connector is on the body harness, behind the...
  19. paddyrk

    Electrical 1991 LX 5.0, radio wiring help, ECU swap

    Hi, I am new to the forum and recently did a 347 swap into my '91 fox, and when doing so, I replaced the ECU with a Holley Hp EFI system. I have the car running and driving, but the radio does not turn on. I believe the radio got its power from the old ECU through its system of big red wires...
  20. wiseguyk

    Electrical Is A/C compressor harness diode necessary?

    Hey guys, I'm nearing completion of wire tucking my 91 LX and had a question about eliminating the stock A/C compressor harness that has the diode in it. I did a r134a conversion and have an aftermarket Sanden compressor which only uses the single black/yellow wire to engage the compressor...