Explorer 5.0 swap

I have a 4cyl 1990 car and I just bought a 98 explorer with a 5.0 and automatic. how can i get the ecu and harness from the explorer to work? the mustang will have a manual in it so how will i get the ecu from the automatic explorer to work with a t5?
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
It is my understanding only the engine is used for the swap, you will need to get all the wiring from the computer to the engine and I think the instrument cluster/wiring too, so many things needed most buy a clapped out v8 stang for swap parts. On top of that it will likely need to be a 90-91 car because of wiring changes.