06 Grand Prix?


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Nov 4, 2004
I brought in my Saleen wheels to work today (i work at an auto parts store) and one of the guys there started rankin on GT's. GT stands for Giant Turd, blah blah so forth.

Then he gets around to tellin me hed smoke me big time. He has an 06 Grand Prix with a few mods, he wouldn't tell me what. I know hes got a blower on there cause I saw his boost gauge.

What do these things run stock?
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Jul 21, 2003
ATL, Shawty
Is it a GTP or just a GT? I believe the 06 GTP comes with a V8. The previous gen GTPs had more potential with the blower on the V6. Pulley change and that's it really. If he has a blower on the new V8 version, you can forget about it if he gets traction. I wouldn't worry too much about the GT. You should smoke those.


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Mar 30, 2005
What version of Grand Prix? The GXP is the V8 version and is rated at 303HP, the GT is the previous GTP and has 260HP through a SCed V6, the plain jane has a 200HP V6. It sounds like he has the Grand Prix GT, it is a low 15, high 14 car stock. It doesn't take many mods to run 13's with the SC car so... Be Careful with him and find out what mods he does have before you run.


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Apr 4, 2006
Upstate, SC
in 05 the GT is a Series III 3800 NA motor and has a 3.33 gear i believe, the GTP is a Series III 3800 with a M90 Supercharger, and the GXP is the 5.3L Small Block.

in 06 the GT is the 3800SC and the GTP became the v8...

they are a quick car and im sure that if you go from anything higher than about 10mph hes going to pull ya pretty hard...

even if he has teh 3800SC motor you can do just a full exhaust and a pulley and pick up like 80hp... then if you slap an intercooler from ZZP and a cam... it gets crazy...