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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
I guess I’m asking is having any of you built this car and if so what worked for you
Again, several of us have built complete cars.
Despite that, what worked for me will definitely not work for you.

There are plenty of guys that have similar builds that you can take guidance from..I guess if you want a path to follow, sooner or later you'll find it.

From looking at your profile, I see that you're 20. My guess is that based on my list of must haves you don't have much experience in any of the stuff I said you need.
So I'll offer you this advice as my only input.
Unless you already have a car, I'd buy some bodies else's sweat equity. If you truly have 15k to spend, the fox you can buy for that much money couldn't be duplicated for almost twice that if you do it yourself.

I have 15k+ in my car. In addition to that, there is custom labor that would easily be double that much if I had to pay somebody to build it for me,,..a car potentially worth 45 k.......that I would struggle to sell for a third of that.

A heavily modified fox mustang is typical of the same poor return on investment, bottom line...there's a gold mine out there just waiting to be found, and all you have to do is go find it. It's also the best car to change stuff on if you just have to do that, so in effect, a good place to learn. But not necessary.

If you do have an SN 95 car, and you still plan to modify that yourself, be Leary of the fact that they are not as popular,..and a big investment in your part in one of those cars will do even worse if/when you decide to think about that.
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Feb 18, 2001
If I was 20 again with $15K, i'd put it in the stock market and sit on it.

Modding my fox has been a giant waste of money, but I've enjoyed every bit of it. However...if I could go back and do it all over again...I would have left it 100% stock, tossed the money in the market, and been cashing out now to go buy a Gt350 or Gt500 outright and push the start button and drive.
Oct 5, 2018
I have a 1994 Mustang gt and I want to start putting on some serious performances parts but I don’t know where to start. Suggestions on performance mechanics and performance upgrades are needed! Remember that if you tell me about a mechanic make sure they work near me, I’m from Thousand Oaks California and don’t want to drive to for to get work done on my car. Just a little information about what I’d like to do with my car. I’d like to have 550+ hp and get it weighing about 3000-2800 pounds, I’d most likely turbo it just cause every muscle car owner superchargers their car.
So I'm in Oxnard, CA with my '92. It's not your DD - I get that. Is it a track car? Because emissions is a bitch and having a plan for the car is going to change what you want to do with it. Is it a drag strip car? 15k will net you a lot. Is it meant to be a car you take out on the weekends and let you corner like it's a newer vehicle? You're gonna need more then 15k. You're in the right place for advice.