347 Holley Terminator X or stock ecu good enough


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Sep 15, 2010
Hey guys, needing some input from some of you that have been around this stuff a bit longer than me.

I bought a project fox coupe off a person locally. It has a 347 stroker(cam info below, twisted wedge heads, cobra intake) that idles on 19lb injectors but doesn't run beyond idling. The owner include a new in box 39# injectors with a matched/tuned MAF for 39# injectors from pro-m. Includes cold pipe and all.

I've never owned a fox/5.0 so I stepped into the deep end of the pool pretty quick, aka throw me some floaties!! Car is an original 4cyl car. The harness on this car is chopped up so I've been debating just buying the Holley Terminator X and just going that route. It would give me a new harness and a modern easier tune-able interface. Goal is to get this car to daily driver status, reliably.

OR will installing the injectors and matched MAF be a better idea? I'm pretty much decided on the Terminator X but just wanted to see other peoples thoughts.

Cam is pretty rowdy....
.613 .613

Thanks guys!
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Jun 14, 2004
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If the harness is all chopped up, you are probably better off getting a standalone ECM then trying to put a harness back together. 39lb/hr injectors will work, but sound on the big side for N/A. Don't bother getting a matched MAF, that car is going to need a tune whether you stick with the factory computer or go standalone. With that cam it's not going to run on a stock ECU tune no matter what. There's no surprises there.

That engine combo doesn't sound right at all. Which Trick Flow heads are they? They would have to be at least an 11R head to use that cam. If they are 11R heads, then it's going to be sucking through a straw with a Cobra intake. If they are not 11R heads, you are going to need a cam.



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Aug 27, 2012
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Holley System is very good but not completely plug and play. There is some tuning involved but a lot of support. IF you have the means, I would get the PRO M standalone system.