Build Thread 429MII's Build Thread

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Mar 10, 2019
British columbia Canada
lol... sexy as a bone stock 180 hp late 70's 350 can look I imagine ... Its cleaned up anyhow. looks better than the oily blotchy mess it started out as.

I put the new leaf springs and bushings in yesterday in a bid to rid its tail dragging rake. The Novas and Camaros of the day always suffered from the ass drag dog scooting rake even from new. I find the replacement springs are always much higher than even original, even though my car came with F41 or sport suspension.
We will see when I get it down on the ground.

Today I am putting in the posi unit and swapping gears. Originally this was a 3.08 car which is the performance ratio for this year, The prior owner swapped in 3.73's which seems like would be a good choice on paper, but this thing just revs too high on the highway for comfortable cruising. Also my saginaw 4 speed has a 1st gear ratio of 2.85 which makes 1st gear kinda useless.
I am swapping in a set o 3.23's that should be a good compromise. The other factor is that a bone stock engine just seems to be straining when you rev it up. If the engine had a cam and headers, It probably would make better use of the 3.73's that are in there, but given 1st gear I would have selected 3.42 even then unless all I was doing is drag racing, and if I was doing that I would ditch the saggy anyway in favour of a munchy (muncie)...
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