69-70 Owners...Need Feedback: Center Bezel Made for CD Player


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Feb 21, 2002
Sandy Eggo, Kalifornia
I was talking to a friend of mine who is a fabricator and does some very quality work. We were talking about some of the bezel he had made for DSM's that allowed for the use of a CD player and also had mounts for gauges or the air/fuel controller.

On to the good stuff. Myself being the owner of a 69 Mustang with a CD player, I got a lightbulb in my head. I asked him if he would be able to make a center bezel which is CD player ready for a 69-70 Mustang. I showed him pictures of the regular one and the one offered by JME, which is $300 and CNC machined from a block of aluminum. He said it would be no problem to fab one up from sheet metal which would be welded and made flush with the edges and so on.

I'm just here to see how many would be interested in such a piece. I still need to give him my bezel so he can get the dimensions of it and so on. After that, we can get some pictures out of it.

Here are a couple examples of what he's done so far:

The upper part where the air/fuel controller with the blue screen is...the ovalish mount was made by him and also where his CD player, turbo timer, and air/fuel gauge is mounted.


This is another bezel he just got out to one of my friends and my friend snapped a picture of it at his work.


I'm aware that the 69-70 center bezel is two levels the top further out than the bottom and the examples of his work I'm showing you is just some flat panels. This is totally feasible and will be done.

I wanted to see if there was any interest for these and if he should get a few out instead of just mine. Should have some prototype shots out in a couple weeks.

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Hey all, I'm the one that is gonna fab up these brackets for you guys. I'm waiting to get the stock unit from Dave and I'll take it from there and also get it quoted. And get a price for all those interested in this. It will most likly come as brushed alum and u can get it painted any color u'd like. Powdercoating black is an opiton but only if the lot is big enough. Like I said, I'll have more information on this after the drawing is completed.

Jeff S.
Originally posted by PMRacing
i will be definetly intrested if the price is good, i like the extra holes for the guages also....

Gauges holes won't be a prob, I just need to know what most of u size a majority uses and where to put them and insure there will be no conflict with parts behind them. I'll prolly make one with and with the guage holes.

Jeff S.