What's it Worth? $7K Fox Challenge


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Not a Big Vert guy, but this car seems clean for the money https://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/d/smyrna-1985-ford-mustang/7035703686.html
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Can we post our own cars, and what we paid for them? Or is this just whats out there now?

We have other threads for that. I'm more interested in what Mustang guys are willing to pay for a nice Fox today.

I think the sub- $10k territory is a good place to be.

So imagine you're in the market to buy one for your best friend this Christmas. Which one would it be?
Here's one that they're asking $7900. It looks pretty good from the pics...?



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And another black GT, this time it's an auto, for $4500




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A little above the price point you're asking about but $9900 would get you an SVO.



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Only one Fox for sale on Oahu today. Been listed for 25+days.
At double the price point though $14,995

Most newer Mustang convertibles out here were rental cars at one time.

1992 Ford 5.0 (Manual) Foxbody Convertible

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The pickings are incredibly slim under $7k in my area, so here goes:

First candidate, $3500. Lot of receipts for work done, though most of it is for stock parts or minor upgrades, she's a maaco paint job away from being a 20-footer, but for the price... even the Mustang II guy here is tempted.

My second choice, a super-clean 2.3 LX hatch for under $4000 that is begging to be Coyote swapped. I mean seriously... I can hear it calling to me...

$1200 5.0 that runs? I mean, it's kinda trashed, but I know where there's a hood for less than $100, and Mustang II seats fit a fox, so I'd steal one of ElSuperPinto's to drive it home if it was legitimately otherwise driveable. I've bought worse at around the same price.

1985-1986 GTs are my absolute favorite fox-bodies. Seriously, if tomorrow there was some asinine California-style law passed that outlawed owning and driving vehicles older than a certain age (they've already done it for diesel trucks), and the mid-80s was the cut-off... they would be my first choice for my classic car to :leghump: around with when I felt like it, and this one... It's been there for awhile, I bet cash would let me haggle it down from that $1295 asking price.

This one is technically my answer to Noobz's question... But... I hate the wheels, I hate that it's an AOD, and I hate the fact that it's got nitrous, but it's otherwise pretty clean, and right at our $7000 limit for this exercise. I personally probably wouldn't buy this car, at anything above a gimme price, but it's the only one that meets Noobz's criteria, so I included it in my findings.

$4500, but can't be bothered to provide details other than it's a 5.0/5spd with headers and aluminum heads?

If I had to pick which one is actually the best???

I'm thinking the 2.3L car. I know it hasn't been abused too badly, it's very clean and un-**** with, and I'm going to coyote or 4.6 4v swap a fox if I buy another one, so which engine's in it doesn't mean much. Under $7k doesn't buy you a clean 5.0 fox that hasn't been **** with down here anymore, too many guys from up north coming down and buying them is jacking up the price. Hell, it won't even buy you a clean V8 Mustang II anymore. There were two carbureted cars I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole around $7k. All of these but that basket case '91 and the 2.3 car could be made into a $7k car fairly easily.

I know that really wasn't the question, but seriously, everything else was $10k plus down here that wasn't trashed and nowhere near worth the $7kish asking price.
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Here's a new one in the Atlanta Craigslist, an 86 5.0 vert for $5900:





Looks pretty damned nice!!
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Thats crazy somebody left that in the garage all the time. Great color , and whats up with that interior . Perfect leather? White gauges look nice . Looks like somebody baby with the tensioner and alternator possibly painted. Worth $8000,00