What's it Worth? $7K Fox Challenge

Here's another that has been on the list for some time now. I found it again while searching for something else. Asking $7k.....



If it was anything but an 85-86 car, I'd be maxxed out at $2500-3000 on that car. However, I have a weakness for 85s and 86s, so I just might be dumb enough to go as high as $4500 or so on that car, which is saying something considering it has no A/C and I live in Texas.
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I guess I'm not necessarily following the intended point of this exercise am I? lol

There are only a couple that I've posted that I think would be worth the $7k or under price tag, but there are plenty out there that the seller thinks is worth that amount. It's a common problem with some sellers. "I have a xxxx and it's worth it's weight in GOLD!!" OR "I can lure some sucker in because it's a XXXX" - I think the latter is the case more often than not. But, as is the case with everything, worth is subjective. What I'd pay for something isn't necessarily what you'd pay for something and vice versa, but some people take that to an extreme.
Here’s an interesting one.

If I had space in my garage right now I’d but this and part it all out




Be on the hunt and lookout for anyone in a position to make a bid on this thing.

Hell, if circumstances were a little bit different I'd bid $7k on this car right now and see what happens. My guess is that it's going to go for between 10 and 12. Any other guesses?
It didn't reach reserve, last bid was $6200. It's been relisted at $15995 with no reserve now.

They are lead generating. They want people to call in and make the deal. Check this out: https://www.ebay.com/sch/streetsideclassiccars/m.html?item=283732387596&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

This is why we don't let these types advertise here and why I'm such a prick about sales in discussion forums. It's one of those "Give an inch, take the WHOLE cockmeat sandwich" kind of things. :notnice:

It is also why the "what it worth" forum even exists. No sales discussions in forums (you all have seen me enforce this). So I'm trying this as a place for the legit questions while making it simple to screen the con men.

So far though, I think this forum has paid off :shrug: Karthief doesn't like it tho.
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